What is the Best Virtual Event Platform for Enterprises?

What is the Best Virtual Event Platform for Enterprises?

The best virtual event platforms quickly integrate into business technology for training, recruiting, or any other. Today, many organizations and businesses are looking into hybridized events in the age of social and digital media. The industries are putting equal emphasis on virtual and in-person attendance. The ability to hold virtual events, conferences, and seminars is provided by virtual event platforms, which provide a variety of features to guarantee the most significant experience for attendees. 

What is a Virtual Event Platform?

A virtual platform that enables the hosting of live, dynamic events online is what the name "virtual event platform" denotes. They are a component of event management systems explicitly created for online meetings, seminars, webinars, and trade exhibitions. Virtual event platforms for events seek to promote chance meetings and interactions among attendees while sending the correct audience to sponsors and exhibitors.

There are various types of virtual events, and choosing the best virtual event platform will come down to your unique business needs and goals around online meetings and events.

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What are the Best Virtual Event Platform Features?

Where location, size, accessibility, and security are all taken into account when choosing a physical venue, you must also consider several unique factors to select the finest virtual event platform for your audience and event. Certain key aspects of your virtual event platform can significantly impact your participants, helping to guarantee that attendees have the most outstanding experience possible at a virtual or hybrid event.

Using virtual event best practices, one must remember the following characteristics of a virtual event platform when selecting a platform to create an unforgettable attendance experience.

Remote Participation

The ability for your participants to participate remotely is one of the critical advantages of hosting a virtual or hybrid event. However, this virtual participation does not pertain to sitting in front of a desk to watch the event for long unreasonable hours. Virtual event platforms offer software that is both responsive to desktop and mobile platforms. It makes sure to provide attendees with a variety of digital attendance options. 

Interactivity and Engagement

Virtual Event platforms build employee engagement and put great emphasis on interaction and community engagement. It provides the attendees a fantastic opportunity to interact with the presenters, brand, and other viewers by using the chat option in the live stream. They can relay participants' inquiries, provide direction, and guarantee that the audience feels heard. They may also help participants use any additional engagement elements the host may have selected by encouraging and supporting them.

Event Planning

Virtual event platforms offer a complete collection of capabilities that simplify the entire cycle of event administration. It provides options for instant transaction-making procedures, including event registration, ticket access, cancellations, customer feedback, payment processing, and problem-solving, an easier and faster task.

Private Label

Every platform has the potential to be expanded and reused by other customers, which is the reason why virtual event platforms support white labeling in their operations. Virtual event platforms display the logo’s name during every step, creating a platform branding that gives and creates excellent opportunities for its customers.

Unique Branding

Marketing and generating audience interest and excitement are two of the most crucial aspects of having a virtual event. Virtual event platform allows for events to promote branding according to the host’s requirements. In addition to enhancing the event venue and enhancing the attendee experience, virtual event platforms use branding essential to their ability to attract audiences.

What are the Benefits of Virtual Event Platform?

An event platform is the best tool for the job if you want to conduct an online event. It offers a variety of benefits ranging from saving time to producing market opportunities.

Ease of Use

Customers prefer to use systems that are simple to use and can be understood quickly. Virtual event platforms are user-friendly and easy to work on laptops, desktops, and mobile phones. It ensures the absence of any barrier to help go through the event peacefully without hindrance


Virtual event platforms cater to high-capacity events with a global audience and thousands of guests. The software makes sure the audience runs smoothly when they join the event or try to interact with the hosts or the other participants. 

Promotional Opportunities

Virtual events are more straightforward and less expensive to market than actual events. Virtual event platforms provide the benefit of allowing users to share clips of the event directly in the news feed. It will enable the large-scale promotion of the event and the possibility of a worldwide audience in the next one.

What is the Best Virtual Event Platform for Enterprise?

There are many virtual event platforms available worldwide; every platform has uniqueness and advantages. Listed below are the top three virtual event platforms which cover a wide range of events. 


They were established in 2014 as an alternative to other websites, offering white-label event ticketing and registration solutions for corporate conferences, university fairs, music festivals, and other events. This virtual event platform allows users to control live streaming, virtual networking, ticketing and registration, hosting, live chat, and more from one convenient location.


BigMarker's virtual event platform user-friendly features and well-liked integrations have led many to refer to it as the number one video platform for virtual events.

Users of BigMarker can customize their digital gatherings by adding their company logos and colors. Additionally, it has built-in email marketing capabilities, so you can quickly inform potential customers about your next event.

GoToMeeting & GoToWebinar

Another well-liked virtual event platform that organizes and hosts a successful online events is GoToMeeting. Contrary to its name, GoToWebinar software enables large-scale conferences for up to 2,000 participants. One can access a comprehensive analytics dashboard to discover more about the audience during the event. It offers accessibility to several interactive technologies, including screen sharing, audience surveys, and handouts.

Comparing the best video event platforms to understand features and pricing plans can be very advantageous in choosing the a virtual event platform for your enterprise. Reading video conferencing reviews can also highlight the best features for virtual events and outline use cases from enterprises like your own. 

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