3 Advantages of Telecommuting for Businesses and Employees

Technology advances at breakneck speed, so to stay relevant and competitive, your business needs nothing short of the finest resources in every aspect of your company. This includes human resources, and people are by far the biggest (yet often overlooked) asset for any organization endeavoring to succeed and grow. Ensuring that the best talent is attracted to your business and committed to your corporate goals is an indispensable component of business success.

So how does telecommuting relate to hiring (and retaining) top quality talent? Here are three good reasons that support the how and the why of talent and telecommuting.

1. Gives your employees the autonomy they love (and drive the productivity your business needs)

Allowing your employees to telecommute gives them more freedom and convenience in their roles. Rather than spending time commuting to the office, your employees can get right to work (with no added stress or traffic). The opportunity to work from the comfort of their own home (or a coffee shop) helps turn that empty commute time into productive hours doing more of your company’s work.

This means that they are less bound by a routine to clock in and out, while being all the more productive to deliver the results you need. Cutting down commute times also helps alleviate stress, and gives your employees a better work-life balance.

2. Reduce your costs (and boost your profits)

With telecommuting, there’s no need for bulky furniture – and the rented office space to contain it. You are also bound to save on electricity and water bills, which will significantly increase your savings in the long run. These savings can go directly to your profits or be invested in company initiatives or enhancements to drive even more revenue!

While you’ll need to invest in a quality Phone Systems solution to make sure you have a reliable, high quality channel of audio and video communication available to your remote employees, paying for initialization and maintenance will still be far more cost-efficient than the expenses and overheads associated to renting an office space.

3. Remove location barriers from your business (Work with anyone, anywhere in the world)

If you’re open to telecommuting, you are opening your business to competent individuals all over the world. With a computer system and internet connection being the only collateral that is required, a remote work policy will help you acquire incredible talent without distance being a barrier. What’s more, there is also no need to spend large amounts of time, energy and money at immigration to sponsor a new recruit – which is another time and money saver!

When you make the decision to embrace telecommuting in your business, you’re ready to begin the process of choosing the right Phone System to meet all of your remote communication needs. At Wheelhouse, we can help you by answering your questions, making recommendations as you search for your perfect Phone System and connect you directly to leading phone system vendors to aid your decision-making process.

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