Cloud Software Must-Haves for SMBs

Cloud Software Must-Haves for SMBs

Cloud Software Must-Haves for SMBs:
VoIP, CRM, and Contact Center

Cloud software solutions boast an array of small business benefits. But how do you know which solutions will have the most impact on your small company, and which ones should you embrace first for the best results?

Our cloud-based software toolkit contains a series of 3 infographics and brief summaries that outline the cloud software systems recommended most for small companies: VoIP and Unified Communications (UC), Contact Center, and CRM.

SMB Cloud Software Must-Have #1: VoIP and Unified Communications

Cloud communication is on the rise, and cloud-based VoIP and Unified Communications systems are quickly becoming the norm across all types of companies. These systems are flexible, customizable, and offer a variety of different monthly plans that work nicely in a small business.

VoIP communication or Voice over Internet Protocol communication allows your business to communicate with customers via Wi-Fi and thus enabling you to avoid pesky international call charges. Most VoIP solutions also feature mobile app versions to increase accessibility. 

Unified communications software or UCaaS consolidates all avenues of communication your business may use to reach customers.

Features of UCaaS include:

  • Centralize customer communication and data
  • Omni-channel communication and customer service integrations
  • Social support tools to increase customer engagement
  • Dynamic call routing workflows
  • Call recording and quality monitoring

 Both of the above options are scalable options to improve your business’s customer service communication. 


SMB Cloud Software Must-Have #2: Contact Center

Good customer service is paramount to growing a business. How your customers perceive your brand or company can change in an instant if they experience a negative or unsatisfactory customer service experience. 

Cloud-based contact center solutions are improving each year, and provide small companies the opportunity to create dynamic, virtual contact centers for a fraction of the start-up and operating costs.

  • Contact center software features include: 
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Skill-based routing
  • Call recording
  • Computer telephone integration (CTI)
  • Power dialers
  • CRM integrations and many more…

 All of these features help your business address customer concerns in a very organized and analytical manner while also giving the customer a better experience when they try to reach out. 

   contact center

SMB Cloud Software Must-Have #3: CRM

Customer data and sales processes can become infinitely complex if you’re trying to manage all of your information and systems manually.

Customer Relationship Management software or CRM software is designed to give businesses tools to better organize and manage all their vital customer data. These systems are packed with great tools and features that are carefully crafted to ensure that you have everything you need to convert every lead that comes into your business and retain loyal customers through well-maintained records and stellar service.

CRM combines, technology, strategy, processes and rules, and people’s strengths and skills to serve the ultimate customer service experience. CRM tools can help your company maintain more positive relationships with loyal customers, streamline company processes and improve profitability in the meanwhile. 


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