Recent years have been marked by significant advancements in technology. To remain relevant and competitive, businesses of every type and size must embrace innovation to continually exceed the expectations of their customers and clients.

Human interaction, collaboration, and idea-sharing will likely always lead the list of factors that drive business success. However, online businesses and e-commerce are steadily overtaking the more traditional office settings. While this growth presents abounding opportunity for companies, it can also be challenging and expensive to hold face-to-face meetings with all the people you need to engage for continual expansion and innovation in your business.

For these reasons, high quality video conferencing software has become a business staple that leverages technology to facilitate online meetings and help you connect without sacrificing the human element of business interaction.

The Evolution of Web Conferencing

In 2017, web conferencing will continue to evolve and offer businesses many opportunities and advantages for collaboration and business growth. Here are some of the main video conferencing trends on the horizon over the next year that you will want to use to your business advantage.

Growing Adoption of Cloud-Based Video Conferencing Software

Due to the many advantages, remote workforces are increasing in popularity each year. 2017 will be no exception, as the number of people working from home or other remote locations is expected to climb. Additionally, many of the younger people entering the business realm are accustomed to high-quality video interactions and will expect this type of communication to excel at work. Due to these trends, the adoption of cloud-based video conferencing software should also increase and enable companies to stay connected with their employees, clients, and business partners in a meaningful way, without having to allocate large budget amounts to travel.

Cloud-based web conferencing software is very popular for business, because it offers an extremely affordable and convenient way to communicate in the highly personal ways needed to help your business flourish.

Heightened Prevalence of Video Marketing

In 2017, video is expected to become one of the prevalent methods of business communication as well as online marketing. Whether you rely on an online meeting to connect the key members of your company or need to deliver quality content to potential customers or clients on a webinar, video conferencing tools and features can help deepen the meaning in all your business communications.

Enhanced Collaboration Opportunities

Web conferencing makes it possible for you to engage in collaborative opportunities without the constraints of location playing a role. Most video conferencing software providers offer tools specifically designed to help enhance collaboration during a virtual meeting. For example, members of your online meeting can easily share screens and documents during the call to illustrate points or demonstrate important processes or procedures.

Diversified Interviewing Practices

Video conferencing software can also support your business growth by supporting your hiring efforts through video interview capabilities. Video interviews are quickly becoming much more common, and provide the interviewee and the interviewer with a more personal, interactive experience than simply speaking on the phone. In a video interview, you can observe body language, facial expressions, and develop a much stronger sense of who your candidate is and how they’ll fit into your company culture.

Video interviews can help your company save valuable time, money, and resources in your search to find and hire the best employees for your business, no matter where they are located. The personal observations you can make through a face-to-face video interview can help you learn much more about a candidate beyond the words they say. This personalized interview method can help you ensure you’re making good hiring decisions by enabling you to connect more personally with the people you interview through a video conference.

Intensified Video Conferencing Experiences

Virtual Reality (VR) technology is rapidly making its way into the mainstream, and is expected to become part of the must-have suite of video conferencing equipment in 2017. Virtual reality simulates a real-life environment, and allows participants to interact in a shared experience or reality. VR technology has been transforming the video game industry for years, and is now positioned to start benefiting mainstream business as well. For example, by simply slipping on a VR headset, members of a meeting can enter a simulated conference room setting that makes them all feel as if they’re in a room together sharing ideas. Furthermore, VR has vast potential in complex training settings requiring employees to practice skills to operate machines or control dangerous equipment. VR can also make product demonstrations come to life by giving clients or customers the opportunity to experience a lifelike interaction with products and see real-time modifications take place before their eyes.

Video conferencing technology has already had tremendous impacts on the business realm, and the ways this powerful software can be used for your business advancement only continue to grow and evolve in 2017.

For more insight into the top video conferencing tools and features you will want to enhance your business communications in 2017, check out our article Top 7 Web Conferencing Features for a Successful Business.

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