Best Mobile Apps for Video Conferencing

With research showing a continuing rise in working from home and telecommuting, largely correlated with the increasing mobility of collaboration. Video conferencing software for desktop and laptop computers has improved enormously, and in the past two years we’ve seen even greater improvement in video chat software for mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.
With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best paid and free video chat apps for your mobile devices.

Need to add some chat video to your phone conference? Here are some of the top options:


Adobe Connect is a fantastic service for BYOD offices because of its device agnosticism. Apple devices, Android devices, and even BlackBerry devices are supported. While tablet functionality is somewhat better than smart phone functionality (in some cases), those working from their phone can still host, share audio and video, and make presentations. As an added bonus, Adobe Connect Mobile offers a number of compatible apps for advanced features like whiteboards, annotation, and polling tools.

Added bonus? Connect’s exceptional customization options—a hallmark of Adobe’s collaboration tools—make it possible for even mobile users to tailor their layouts to optimize their experience.


ClickMeeting is another video conferencing app that works on most mobile devices (Android, Apple, and Blackberry), complete with screen sharing. The VOIP connection makes the use of various different devices in the same meeting seamless (usually!). Annotation tools are easily accessible. One of the nicest features ClickMeeting offers is the ability to record the meeting in full from the app—and it’s conveniently sent to your ClickMeeting account rather than clogging up storage on your device.


If you’re involved with enterprise software at any level, you know Cisco, and you know that they are pros at delivering enterprise software that meets your needs. WebEx doesn’t deviate from that. Device agnostic, a full range of collaborative tools that include nearly everything you can find in the web app, including attendee management tools (mute callers, remove them as needed), and flawless WiFi connectivity.


ClearOne’s Collaborate videoconferencing line spans practically any device, from desktop to smartphone. There’s recording, streaming video, compatibility with cutting edge as well as legacy systems, multiple video input source potential and so much more. With ClearOne Collaborate, there are practically zero options out of your grasp if you plan ahead.


Skype ‘s free services include mobile video conferencing for up to five people, which makes it a great way to get together with your team on an impromptu basis. Small businesses might want to stick to this free service, simply because it offers most basic tools and is, overall, very reliable.

If you need more extensive tools, however, don’t discount Skype for Business as a paid service—you can get it bundled with a number of Office 365 plans your business is probably already using.

If your company isn’t using Office 365, there are also standalone Skype for Business plans, both for small to medium sized businesses and for enterprise level organizations. So whether you’re looking for free chat or enterprise level conferencing, Skype may be the best choice.

Which Mobile Conferencing Cam Chat App is the Best?

You might have noticed that we didn’t exactly pit the top five against one another. That’s because there’s no objective way to choose the very best app for everyone’s needs. Every organization is different; and teams within an organization also have their own unique communication needs and styles. If you’re looking to choose an app that will best suit your overall organization or your team in particular, we recommend comparing several apps from the industry’s most reliable and respectable vendors.

Doing research on each app on your own is great, but it can be tough to get started, given the plethora of options available. One way to help narrow the field so that you aren’t sifting through dozens of apps that don’t offer what you need is to utilize unbiased guides that help you compare and contrast the top options. Our Video Conferencing Guide is an excellent tool for doing that.

Take into account your company’s culture, your meeting style, and of course, your budget—you’ll find a great mobile video conferencing app in no time!