How 5G Will Reinvent Video Conferencing

How 5G Will Reinvent Video Conferencing

How 5G Will Reinvent Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become a norm with remote work becoming more prevalent, especially in post-covid timesvideo conferencing has become a norm. The businesses that weren’t used to the practice before had to adapt to it as it became a necessity. Video conferencing allows immediate connectivity and thus boosts productivity and saves time and travel expenses. However, all of this is only possible if people have access to a stable and high-speed internet connection, and this is where mobile data networks come into play.

Mobile data networks have completely revolutionized how we communicate and have made it possible to stay connected, share data and photos, and instantly connect via face-to-face video calls from almost anywhere we are, at any moment. As a result, mobility has quickly transformed from a fantastic capability to a competitive differentiator that spans companies of all sizes and industries.

Mobile connections and opportunities are only getting faster and better each year. The next wave of speed, mobility, and innovation is upon us as mobile carriers roll out 5G wireless technology. 

The increased network speeds and boosted bandwidth that 5G will bring to the market are going to drive innovation across all types of business communications. Still, video conferencing improvements are going to be among the most substantial. And this means enormous potential for your business. Successful video conferencing is only possible with a high-speed internet connection, and with the advancement in video conferencing technology like holographic video conferencing and 360 video conferencing, a high-speed internet connection has become even more critical.

"5G has the potential to join a very exclusive club, the handful of technologies throughout history that transform industries across every sector of the economy ... redefining work, elevating living standards, and having a profound and sustained impact on our global economic growth."
- Ronan Dunne, Executive Vice President and Group President, Verizon Wireless

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How 5G Will Reinvent Video Conferencing

The evolution of 5G will lend more power to video conferencing solutions, and with increased speed and options, a new wave of video communication innovation is imminent. Here’s a closer look at how 5G will reinvent video conferencing.

Speed and Bandwidth

One of the most significant ways that 5G is going to bolster video conferencing is speed. 5G will boast network speeds upwards of twenty times faster than the current 4G technology. Bandwidth will also see a huge boost (allowing for 1,000 devices per meter on a connection), and together these improvements mean that you can stream, download, and do video calls and conferences with much more ease and speed. The upped speed and bandwidth also mean fewer dropped connections and the ability for more devices to work much more quickly simultaneously. 5G is, so far, the best thing that could happen for video conferencing programs.

Video Quality

Connection disruptions and lousy video quality can set off the mood for a meeting. Even if you have the best video conferencing software, not having a stable internet connection can ruin everything. Video quality is going to improve as 5G goes mainstream as well. The increased network speeds and bandwidth availability will support top-quality calls in HD or 3D without latency or other interruptions inherent in the dynamic 4G network. This means you can count on improved video conferences with crystal clear video and no lags or interruptions to your important business communications.

Ubiquitous Mobility

With an internet connection that gives you speed and quality on the go, availability is not an issue. Having access to 5G internet, your team members can join the meeting from anywhere. 5G will usher in a time when you can more easily connect anytime and anywhere with partners and colleagues via video. Video calling and mobile conferencing apps will be more capable on 5G since they will rely on higher frequency radio bands. Currently, 4G can operate at 6GHz but 5G will operate at anywhere from 30GHz to 300GHz, which means massive improvements in speed and data capabilities. Video conferencing companies are now creating high-quality video conferencing software keeping the wonders of 5G internet in mind. To make full use of the quality and speed that you can get with 5G, it is also important to invest in a good video conferencing platform.

New Communication Innovations

Speed, increased broadband availability, and boosted business mobility options are all advantages of the impending 5G release, but they’ll also do something else-drive innovation. Even in its infancy, 5G is bringing about innovations in telepresence with holographic conferencing capabilities and Ultra HD video calling will likely soon be the norm. Additionally, 360-Degree video calling is already in the works, which means you can have even more realistic, personal, face-to-face interactions via video and the opportunity for even more impactful presentations and demonstrations via video with this technology.

To be a step ahead of your competitors, you must start preparing for this new wave of technological advancement. One way to go about it is to sit down with your team and make a plan about how to leverage this advancement to make your business grow. Once you have done that, we’d advise you to start looking for video conferencing products that will help you in achieving your goals the best.

To begin the process of selecting the best video conferencing software, it will pay off to study conferencing software reviews. If the process seems too daunting to you, you can check out the video conferencing software list on our website. This will allow you to make video conferencing systems comparisons and select the best conferencing solution out there.

At Wheelhouse, we are passionate about all things software, and our specialty is connecting software buyers to an enterprise solution that perfectly matches their needs. Once you have sat down with your team and determined what your conferencing needs are, your decision will be easier. If you are still confused about which video conferencing software will be the best choice for you, please visit our Video Conferencing page for a complete list of all the solutions we have on offer. 

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