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What is iPatientCare?

The iPatientCare Practice Management solution is a comprehensive medical software package that allows users complete EHR and PM functionality in a single package for a low monthly subscription. The solution is completely cloud based; therefore, the client does not need to procure any additional hardware to run the solution. Since the EHR and PM components co-exist in the solution, the overall solution runs better and is more cleanly integrated than if you were to use components from different vendors. A high-quality patient portal and an integrated eligibility checking system ensure that no-shows are minimized and that patients have valid insurance.


iPatientCare gives medical practitioners a complete suite of applications that are built to work together efficiently, and this efficiency is evident even before the patient shows up for the appointment. The patient portal collects all relevant patient data and can even populate the database from a scan of the patient’s driver’s license or insurance card. All past, present and future insurance data is kept securely by the system, ensuring that a complete record and history are maintained.

Since the software combines EHR and PM features and can even include medical billing and claims management as options, the entire chain of processes is efficient and modules collaborate closely with each other. There is considerable flexibility in the solution and users can even define new data fields that may be required. All modifications to data are logged into an auditable HIPAA-compliant log, and detailed audit trails are available.

The solution itself is easy to use and a guided sequence of work helps users who may not be very conversant with the solution. This ensures that productivity does not suffer even if there is a turnover of experienced staff in the clinic. Patients are offered a self-check in kiosk where they can enter their details in comfort. This improves the patient experience and reduces the load on front desk personnel.

Clients can select from three possible bundles. The most basic option is the basic EHR package. The next is an EHR and PM combined pack and in the final option, users can opt to use EHR, PM and a billing solution all together for a low monthly subscription. 

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  • It eases the payroll, offers our employees with a simple to use timecard and data portal that lets them view their pay stubs, hiring balances, and W-2s, hardly do you find mistakes in the system, has a very responsive and helpful client support team, W-2 forms are created automatically for us to mail out, ADP assists us to file taxes and employment reports thereby saving us plenty of time, RUN incorporates with ADP’s hiring services division enabling staff make alterations to their deferral percentages and investment choices directly via the Employee Access Hub.
  • Finally, the HR411 aspect is helpful for fundamental HR questions more so when particular forms are required.
  • Since the product is heavily relied upon, it becomes a mechanical use of the software.

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