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What is NextGen?

Practices that use the NextGen Revenue Cycle Management solution see an 81% decrease in A/R days and achieve net collections of close to 98%. The solution’s first pass claim rate is as high as 97% and overall revenue increases by about 4%. The software offers a unified billing and collection service that takes over revenue collection while the practice can concentrate on handling their patients. Even regulatory issues are simplified. A large number of medical practices trust NextGen with their medical billing and collections and have commented positively on the advantages they have gained.


The benefits of using the NextGen RCM start even before medical practices begin using the solution. NextGen credentialing processes simplify provider enrollment and take these complex tasks away from the practice. A professional approach to credentialing saves money, time and malpractice suits that may arise due to incorrect credentialing.

Many medical practices struggle with the rising costs of running a practice and with frequent turnover of administrative staff. NextGen minimizes operating costs with their billing services and practices no longer have to worry about staffing issues. All critical billing work is handled by NextGen with well qualified and experienced staff that understands billing and coding and can customize the solution to meet any specific requirements your practice may have.  

Fees are based on a fixed percentage model that ensures that NextGen only gets paid out of the revenue that the practice generates. This provides comfort that no cash outflow occurs from the practice just because a billing service has been contracted.

The NextGen RCM solution integrates with all NextGen products as well as with any third-party tool your practice may be using. The solution is fully certified for Meaningful Use Stage II and supports ICD-10. . The solution is cloud based, implying that users do not have to procure any additional hardware to run it. In addition, any other regulatory changes will be implemented by the solution team and users will not be required to take any actions to upgrade their solution. 

NextGen Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 4 April 2023

NextGen is excellent

NextGen has been our primary software for the past few years and has helped us transition from paper charts to a more efficient and eco-friendly system. It meets all of our needs and makes tracking patient information much easier

  • NextGen is very intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • It provides a centralized location for all patient information, making it easy to manage and keep organized.
  • The software is highly customizable, with a variety of features and options that can be tailored to your specific needs.
  • The onboarding process is seamless, and new employees can quickly learn how to use it.
  • Overall, it is a powerful tool that has streamlined our patient management processes and improved our overall efficiency.
  • Although it happens rarely, the server goes down once or twice a year, making it impossible to access or input patient information.

Reviewed on 3 March 2023

Recommended but sometimes it crashes

It's definitely a great asset to have in a medical setting as it makes it easy to access and manage patient data.

  • Excellent tool for medical professionals as it makes it easy to access and manage patient data.
  • The only downsides are the occasional crashes, which can be incredibly frustrating.
  • Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the impact of those crashes to prevent potential data loss and ensure a smooth workflow.
  • For example, you could make sure to save your progress periodically, and make sure to back up your data regularly.
  • You could also look into troubleshooting techniques to help mitigate any issues that may arise.

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NextGen Medical Practice Management
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NextGen Key Features

Medical Practice Management Features
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Procedure Codes
Patient Management
  • Treatment Planning
  • Discharge Planning
Insurance Claim Management
  • Claim Scrubbing
  • Claim Filing
  • Denial Management
  • Eligibility Verification
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The Average Wheelhouse score for the Medical Practice Management category is 7.9

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