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iPatientCare Medical Practice Management
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  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Procedure Codes
  • Treatment Planning
  • Refills Processing
  • Laboratory Database

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Reviewed on 4 August 2019

Good HR software

ADP RUN is helpful and cost-effective, it’s a time saver, it functions as anticipated almost every time without any downtime, the client service team is extremely great as is incorporation with other hiring services, it’s powerful and it provides many diverse and helpful aspects.

  • It eases the payroll, offers our employees with a simple to use timecard and data portal that lets them view their pay stubs, hiring balances, and W-2s, hardly do you find mistakes in the system, has a very responsive and helpful client support team, W-2 forms are created automatically for us to mail out, ADP assists us to file taxes and employment reports thereby saving us plenty of time, RUN incorporates with ADP’s hiring services division enabling staff make alterations to their deferral percentages and investment choices directly via the Employee Access Hub
  • Finally, the HR411 aspect is helpful for fundamental HR questions more so when particular forms are required.
  • The Employee Access Hub frequently bugs and hinders a few staff from accessing their accounts, ADP has a tendency of having random sales staff reach out from time to time to try upsells instead of a committed account administrator.

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