Why White Papers Fail to Achieve CRM Lead Generation Goals

Why White Papers Fail to Achieve CRM Lead Generation Goals

CRM lead generation is a problem most companies have to tackle from time to time. With the growing demands for modern technology, it is important companies consider software solutions for their common office woes. This is where mediums such as white paper come in handy. White papers present research-based solutions to common business issues such as CRM lead generation. Let’s explore more about CRM lead generation and how white papers can be used effectively for CRM lead generation purposes.

What is CRM Lead Generation?

CRM lead generation is the process of capturing qualified leads that can be converted into customers. CRM lead generation gathers lead data from multiple sources such as your website data, social media, and your phone center. With information regarding customer contact information and customer interests, CRM lead generation tools will assess the quality of the leads and allow you to form a sales pipeline to convert the customers.

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What is the Best Form of CRM Lead Generation?

Some of the best forms of CRM lead generation include:

TV/Newspaper Ads

These mediums let you take your business to a broader audience and any interested parties can contact you for more information


Seminars, conferences, etc. can help you gain leads for prospective customers, and you can follow up with them later using your CRM lead generation tools.


Email marketing is a more straightforward way for CRM lead generation. Using a call to action, you are able to gather more information about prospective customers. Hence, it is important to have a clear CTA in your email marketing campaigns to make it easy for your CRM lead generation endeavors.

Social Media

Social media is a great resource for CRM lead generation. With access to a large audience and the ability to target segmented customers within the platform, you are able to learn more about customer behavior and accommodate your CRM lead generation efforts to each demographic. Social media for CRM lead generation is also more interactive and allows you to offer personalized services to customers.


Search engine-optimized blogs are great for CRM lead generation. Blogs allow you to educate your audience more about your products and thus, stir more interest in your audience.

White Papers

White papers are evidence-based documents companies publish for CRM lead generation. They help boost a company’s brand image, authority, and credibility. They can also improve your website’s search ranking to make for easier CRM lead generation.

What is White Paper in Lead Generation?

White papers are effective CRM lead generation content marketing resources. They can influence customer buying patterns with research-based evidence about their subject matter. For example, a white paper on CRM lead generation advantages written by a specific CRM vendor can greatly influence customer interest and trust in the brand and thus, convert them into paying customers.

However, the topic should be discussed objectively without singing praises to a company’s product. That is up to the consumer to decide based on the evidence available.

What are White Paper Campaigns? 

White papers are meant to highlight a company’s credibility to engage more with a target audience. Interested parties in buying a specific product are your target audience here. Discussing common topics around a product to educate the audience is the main objective of a whitepaper.

White papers must be promoted meticulously via different platforms to reach the right audiences. Hence, it is important to understand which platforms from the ones discussed above will reach the highest audience for your white papers.

What is a White Paper in B2B Marketing? 

Unlike traditional media campaigns, you will have to present facts pertaining to different decision makers through white papers. For example, depending on the company, most often the technical staff and management staff make joint purchasing decisions.

Hence, you need to provide technical expertise knowledge to convince the technical staff while talking about the strategic importance of CRM lead generation and its long-term perspective are selling points for the management decision-makers.

Content-based communication is the best way to communicate with business executives who have precious little time to review large amounts of content. White paper marketing should be integrated with your sales enabled CRM as a coordinated partnership between a company’s sales, marketing, and communication teams.

A time-challenged reader must assess the validity of a white paper based on a short set of visual criteria to determine whether the description presented in a white paper will finally solve their current business issues.

Small things hold great weight with these readers, such as the title, front cover, landing page design, abstract summary, content sample, and registration page. Therefore, these components become essential for CRM lead generation in creating a positive first impression to help compel an executive to register for a white paper and become a full-fledged lead.

Sadly, many white paper marketers fail to make sound first impressions, because of their unfounded assumptions. Hence, it is important to know your audience and cater to them in the most effective way. It is not going to be a one-size-fits-all solution. Not everyone that downloads your company’s white paper is interested in buying your product. Hence it is important to present facts in the most effective ways to reach the right decision makers.

White papers allow businesses to present their unique expertise to customers interested in CRM lead generation software. Hence, CRM lead generation vendors need to be mindful of who is their readers and present the content in the best way that each reader will understand to possibly convert this lead into a customer. When you know your customer better, you would be able to engage in CRM lead generation like never before with the help of B2B white paper campaigns.

To learn more about CRM lead generation solutions and purchasing one, read our CRM buyer’s guide and compare the top CRM software vendors available in the market.

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