Top Reasons to Buy Managed VoIP Phone Systems for Business

Top Reasons to Buy Managed VoIP Phone Systems for Business

Top Reasons to Buy Managed VoIP Phone Systems for Business

Managed VoIP phone system services are a way to have your cake and eat it too. Suppose it was a cost-effective, low-maintenance cake. Managed VoIP allows you to move along with a modern world and still ensure that all your tasks are accomplished.

Managed VoIP, a hosted-lite, means you get the benefits of an on-premise solution without having to do the work yourself. The reasons why businesses are choosing to go with a managed-model VoIP solution are numerous:

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Cost of Managed VoIP

Managed solutions often have lower costs than both on-premise and fully hosted solutions. The savings of hiring full-time technical staff compounds with the setup, maintenance, and servicing that advanced phone systems require. It is a win-win situation for the investors because they do not have to hire extra staff members when opting out of managed VoIP.

The cost of the managed VoIP services depends on the number of lines used on your system. Suppose more phones are used under VoIP, which ultimately increases the cost of your VoIP subscription. It is usually considered an ideal medium for small businesses or for the kind of businesses that are located in only one city.

Setup for Managed VoIP

Today's VoIP phone systems are complex, and self-deployment is often out of the question for most small and medium-sized businesses. Managed solutions offer the equipment, software, operations, and technical expertise necessary to help you with your network's integration, design, and deployment. This adds up to be one of the numerous reasons to buy and invest in managed VoIP systems.


The bread and butter of Managed solutions are that they offer you customizable service agreements. Many Managed VoIP companies allow you to call the shots with customer-defined service-level arrangements. This makes it far easier to manage your phone systems based on your customizable service agreements with the Managed VoIP. 

Advanced Technology with Managed VoIP

Managed VoIP solutions may or may not be as upgradable as a fully-hosted solution. However, the technical assistance you receive with managed VoIP will ensure that you understand new VoIP technologies as they come and that you can be responsive to them.

Having someone to upgrade your managed VoIP technology will get it done—doing it yourself will only lead to putting off technology development cycle upgrades. One of the pros of Managed VoIP is that its clients receive everything served to them on a fancy plate.


Managed services will ensure you have 99%+ uptime—something that will not happen on your own. Having 24-hour round-the-clock assistance makes sure your business stays functional consistently. This is a great reason to buy Managed VoIP solutions. It ensures that your customers are always satisfied with the company’s communication services.

The predictability of your monthly expenditures will ensure that you stay on budget—which can help you not only ensure your telecommunications strategy but can also help you plan for upcoming upgrades. Managed VoIP ensures that all your phone systems are covered under the Managed VoIP solutions, and you wouldn’t have to spend extra time or money each month.

Managed VoIP Quality

One of the benefits of Managed VoIP solutions is that the quality of the calls is remarkable and crystal clear. There are different types of programs running every day to improve calls and phone systems. Another reason to buy the Managed VoIP solutions is that the calling rates are meager, even for long-distance calls. This ensures a smooth movement of your business with flawless communication. 

Internet VoIP Provisioning

Internet VoIP provisioning is a service issued by the same service providers that provide managed VoIP solutions. So that the same providers handle all your internet and phone systems. This way, it becomes easier to manage all the VoIP systems easily.

Flexibility with Control

Managed VoIP solutions are significantly more flexible than on-premise solutions since you have someone to make the changes you need—on demand. They are right on par with the flexibility of hosted solutions. But, more importantly, you have control to grow or collapse your solution as needed, and you can increase or decrease your technology depending on your needs and budget. This makes it more manageable and accessible to follow than a high-budget plan, which might not be customizable or flexible. Managed VoIP solutions allow you to create flexible and budget-friendly choices for your phone systems.

Managed VoIP solutions provide you with the flexibility and control you want for your desired price. It allows you to leverage the technical know-how of experts and rent a collapsible/expandable solution on-demand—how you want it. Possibly the least flashy of all the reasons is oft the most critical is predictability. Predictability is at the core of Managed solutions as it ensures business continuity from telecommunications, technical, and budget perspectives. 


  • The cost-effectiveness of Managed VoIP is also one of the important reasons to buy it. Managed VoIP is a budget-friendly way to get smart with the latest technology. This makes your phone systems easier and saves you from investing too much in communication alone.
  • The service is also pretty good and customizable according to a client’s needs; this makes it more attractive for a customer to choose managed VoIP solutions.
  • It also represents modern technology and makes things much easier for consumers.
  • It is very quickly set up, so it doesn't make shifting from the ordinary system to the managed VoIP system seem difficult.
  • Ideal for people who own businesses based on a smaller scale. 

To explore more about the different VoIP phone systems and to narrow down the right solution for your business, refer to our phone systems buyer’s guide and compare VoIP service providers to ensure that your chosen partner has the right offerings for your business. 



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