The Most Common Call Center Software Myths: Busted

The Most Common Call Center Software Myths: Busted

The best call center software has transformed how businesses approach customer service and aftercare. No matter how great a product or service your company offers, customers will still have questions, feedback, and complaints that require attention from your customer service department. Customers' experience can easily drive them away or inspire loyalty to your company. 

Due to the importance of a stellar customer experience, many companies are integrating top call center software systems to help support their service teams in delivering an excellent experience.

However, there are many myths in circulation that we bust below to give you confidence as you choose a call center software for your business. Below are ten of the most common call center software misconceptions: debunked. 

1.     Call Center Software Isn’t Necessary For Effective Customer Interactions.

Consumers in every niche are becoming increasingly savvy due to the access to information available on the internet. This means they expect great service and care when they contact support and want a streamlined, seamless experience. Lately, an omnichannel approach to customer service and customer care has proven to be more effective at mitigating this changing landscape of business communication. An omnichannel call center software enables customers to engage with businesses using different customer care channels, and customer care agents can see the customer interaction history to provide better service, 

Many call center software providers offer full contact center solutions that provide tools for helping customers regardless of their preferred communication, including phone, email, and text.

2.     Most Call Center Software Cannot Manage Outbound Calls.

All of the leading call center software providers offer inbound calls.

One of the most popular outbound features offered in the suite of call center software tools is the predictive dialer. The predictive dialer feature can help make outbound calling initiatives much more simplistic and effective by filtering out numbers that no longer exist or return busy signals. Call center software tools can also track the lead status and make outbound calling more efficient and effective for your agents or sales representatives.

3.     Remote Employees Using Call Center Software Are Less Productive And Efficient.

Many companies function primarily through a remote workforce, and call center software is designed to be easily accessible through remote connections and supplies a variety of tools to help agents stay connected and on task.

Additionally, many call center solutions offer features and reporting that track and analyze service quality. Most companies using call center software tend to experience increased employee productivity, efficiency, and happiness.

4.     Automation Removes The Human Element Of Customer Support.

A great advantage to call center software is the ability to automate some of your business's most frequent service interactions. Call center software makes it possible to create customized prompts that will either deliver answers and email information or route the call to a live agent.

Because the automation can be customized to your exact customer needs, you will be able to answer more common questions much more quickly and allow agents to spend more time handling complex questions. In this way, automation can enhance the human touch without compromising the quality of your service department.

5.     Call Center Software Cannot Capture The Quality-Of-Service Customers Are Receiving.

It is a common misconception that call center software is only suited to measuring the number of customer interactions taking place in your service department.

However, there are also extensive tools available from most call center software providers that help you track, measure, and report on the quality of the interactions taking place in the performance enhancement modules provided in the system. Many call center software providers also include a contact management software module to help you track your customers and leads and continue to provide them with great service.

6.     Call center software is too expensive an investment for small businesses.

Many cloud-based call center software solutions are available to fit the needs and budget of any size business. The cloud-based options do require a far less initial investment, and you can scale your solution easily by adding users as your company and service needs grow.

7.     The Tools And Features Offered By Call Center Software Providers Are Not Robust Enough for Large Businesses' Service Needs.

Since so many companies have begun embracing a remote call center workforce, there are many call center software providers for you to select from as you look into what solution will suit you best. The technology behind these solutions constantly evolves and improves, offering a robust collection of all the best tools and features you need to run an effective, profitable call center.

8.     Large businesses with busy call centers must deploy their call center software onsite.

Large businesses typically do have especially bustling call centers. It is a common perception that to handle high call volumes, a business properly must implement a proprietary onsite call center solution.

However, a growing abundance of call center software solutions that have the power to meet the volume needs of large companies without the significant investment of an onsite deployment.

9.     Cloud-Based Customer Service Software Is Not Reliable Or Secure.

Many business owners still feel cautious of cloud-based call center software solutions due to the misconception that they are less secure or reliable than onsite systems. However, all leading call center software providers adhere to strict security levels to protect your business and customers.

10. Call Center Software Is Difficult To Use And Hard To Integrate With My Other Needed Business Software Programs.

Call center software is generally very simple to install and offers user-friendly dashboards, features, and tools necessary for delivering a great customer experience. Additionally, most call center software solutions can be easily integrated with other business software systems you rely on.

As you consider your call center software solution options, it is important to dispel any misinformation or myths about the existing capabilities and potential and make sure you research all the available ones to make the best choice for your company and your company customers. Compare the best call center software before selecting the best option for your business.

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