The Best Features Offered by Hosted PBX for Business

The Best Features Offered by Hosted PBX for Business

One of the biggest selling points of hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems is the wide variety of hosted PBX features and add-ons that they make available to businesses. Features that were once reserved only for extremely large companies are now available with most hosted PBX systems using the best VoIP carriers.

Below, we’ve listed a few of the many hosted PBX features typically available that many businesses could not live without today. If you are looking into switching your business’ telephone system or service package to hosted PBX, or to have more unparalleled flexibility, reliability, security, and low-level maintenance, these are some of the features that you should be looking for in your new hosted VoIP or PBX system.

Follow Me/Find Me

This hosted PBX feature essentially has your phone system track you down if you’re waiting for a call. Following a list of numbers that you’ve programmed in; the hosted PBX system will try each one of the numbers in succession until it reaches you. This hosted PBX feature is particularly handy if you’re always on the go.

Call Allow List

This is another essential productivity feature of the hosted PBX solution. This hosted PBX feature will allow you to set calls to be blocked or allowed depending on the sender or originating area. This is the perfect solution to prevent being interrupted during meetings but allow for an important call.

Call Record

This can be an invaluable hosted PBX tool for going over detailed conversations at a later time. Rather than having to have a separate piece of equipment which often results in poor playback clarity, this feature can be integrated into your hosted PBX system. Most areas have restrictions or specific laws applying to consent for recorded conversations.

Record of Call Details

Top hosted PBX provider enables you to keep a detailed track of the date, time, caller, and other details of incoming and outgoing calls.

Conference Call

This hosted PBX feature will allow you to hold team meetings.

Call Forwarding

This hosted PBX solution enables will enable you to transfer your call to another cell phone.

Call Screening/Caller ID

This hosted PBX  feature identifies incoming calls for you so you can handle the calls as you wish by either answering them or diverting them to another extension or voicemail.

Call Block

If you want to maintain your privacy, you can easily hide your caller ID when calling someone, so it is not visible to them.


Companies using VoIP phone services through hosted PBX systems equip their employees or even specific departments with their mailboxes which can store up to at least 50 messages at a time. The employees can even customize their greetings.

Voicemail Indicators

A flashing light or a broken dial tone indicates that the employee has a voicemail in his hosted PBX mailbox.

Voicemail to Email

Employees can connect their VoIP carrier mailbox to their email.

Do Not Disturb

If you are busy, you can avail of the DND feature to reroute your customers' calls to your voicemail.


These hosted PBX  features can usually be operated independently or in tandem and allow you to broadcast messages and locate employees that aren’t always within easy reach of the same extension. This is perfect for businesses whose employees are always in motion or for a large dynamic area such as a manufacturing floor.

Night Service

This function by hosted PBX providers allows your system to be switched to a “closed” mode, and a message relayed to your customers advising them of business hours and other relevant information. This is a particularly effective hosted PBX  feature when combined with a auto-attendant features or dial-in directory so that your customers understand that your business is not currently open, but they are still able to route their call to the appropriate employee’s extension.


This feature uses hosted PBX software to direct its users to an easy-to-use menu through which they can then connect to their required extension for different departments.

Call Pickup

This hosted PBX phone service allows you to pick up a call that is ringing on another phone/extension.

Unlimited Extensions

This feature allows the hosted PBX carrier users to have as many extensions as they like.

Dial by Name Directory

If the customers are not familiar with the hosted PBX  extension number of the employee, they can get connected to them by entering their first or last name in the dial-by-name directory.  

Multiple Offices

The best VoIP providers ensure flexibility for hosted PBX users by allowing them access to multiple offices as if they were at one single location. The user will be able to connect to an employee’s extension wherever they might be, in the same branch or not.

On-Hold Music

Many companies use these VoIP phone services so they can create more of a more friendly atmosphere for their customers by playing music when their customers are on hold. This music can be customized for every extension

Soft Phone Support

VoIP software supports the soft phone system which is software that runs on any communication device with an internet connection, using a headset. It allows the hosted PBX users to make or receive calls without a telephone from any location for example when working from home, travelling, working on the field, etc.

No Busy Signals

VoIP providers supply their hosted PBX users with a feature that increases their business’s efficiency through their unlimited calling capacity so that their customers never find a busy extension.

Virtual Interface

Using the voice-over IP program, hosted PBX system equips you with an easy-to-use web interface that allows you to manage your services via the internet at any time of the day, at any place.  

Cost Savings

Hosted PBX using VoIP solutions costs less than traditional PBX systems. Traditional systems are more expensive in terms of setup and maintenance.

Free Calls Within the Employees

Best VoIP services include the feature of allowing its users to call on their colleagues' extensions without bearing any cost.

Free Calls Within the Subscribers

Top VoIP companies allow their hosted PBX users to call other subscribers without incurring any cost.

Hosted PBX with its voice-over IP programs is a highly flexible and reliable system. With the many features available through hosted PBX services, your business is sure to find ways to become more productive and create a more streamlined and effective workplace.

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