Local Calling: How to Expand Your Local Business Reach

Local Calling: How to Expand Your Local Business Reach

The best phone systems have made local calling a breeze for small businesses. Reaching out to customers within your locale allows companies to understand their target audience more intimately. Learn how local calling has broken cost boundaries to become a lucrative marketing stream for local businesses. 

What Is Local Calling?

Local calling refers to making calls to phone numbers assigned to a specific local area code and exchange, enabling calls within the same area. Compared to long-distance numbers, local numbers are cost-effective. This cost can be lowered even more when you consider VoIP phone systems as a viable way to stay in touch locally. This modern way of staying in touch has enabled businesses of every size to start adopting call campaigns as a revenue stream. 

Local call campaigns are valuable if you seek to save money, enhance customer experience, or boost your marketing endeavors. We will explore the benefits of local calls that businesses should be mindful of. 

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Types Of Local Calling

Local calling encompasses different types, each varying based on the phone service provider and the calling plan in use. Here are the main types of local calling:

Traditional Local Calling

Provided by landline phone companies, calling locally in the traditional sense typically refers to calls made within the same area code. This is the standard definition of local calling for conventional phone networks. Some landline phone companies offer expanded local calling, which broadens the definition to include calls to numbers in neighboring area codes beyond the immediate area code. 

VoIP Local Calling

VoIP service providers have their definition of making calls locally. Within their network, local calls are calls made between subscribers of the same service provider, regardless of their physical location. This means that even if you and the person you're calling are in different states, it would still be regarded as a local call within the VoIP network.

Certain VoIP service providers offer free local calls, allowing subscribers to make unlimited calls to fellow subscribers within the same provider's network without incurring charges.

Some VoIP service providers enable toll-free local calling, enabling their users to call toll-free numbers without charges.

Remember to consult your chosen phone service provider to determine the type of local calling included in your plan and how it applies to your calling needs. 

Benefits Of Local Calling

Having a local presence in your business can go a long way in winning customers’ trust. Local calling provides numerous benefits that can benefit companies and individuals.  

Cost Savings

Local calls are typically charged at a lower rate than long-distance calls, resulting in potential savings on your monthly phone bill.


Making local calls is simple and hassle-free. You can easily connect with just a seven-digit phone number without remembering area codes.


Local calls can be made anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection, allowing for seamless communication regardless of location.

Enhanced Customer Service

Local calls often connect you with customer service representatives who better understand your area and specific needs, leading to improved assistance and support. 

Building Trust

Utilizing a local phone number can instill trust in customers. When they see your local number, they are more likely to perceive your business as part of the community, fostering trust and increasing the likelihood of conducting business with you. 

Improved Customer Experience

Local calls facilitate more accessible customer communication, improving the overall experience. This increased accessibility can enhance satisfaction and foster customer loyalty. 

Increased Brand Awareness

Using local numbers makes your business more visible within your local community, bolstering brand recognition and awareness.

Enhanced Marketing Efforts

Local calls can be leveraged to support targeted marketing campaigns, allowing you to focus on specific demographics or locations to maximize the impact of your marketing efforts.

How Do I Know If a Number Is a Local Number?

When spam calls are commonplace, knowing who is calling you is vital. Determining if a number is local can be done using various methods: 

  • Check the area code: The area code, which consists of the first three digits of a phone number, is an initial indicator. If the area code matches your own, the number is likely local. However, exceptions exist, such as when calling from a landline to a wireless phone in a different area code, which may still be considered a local call.
  • Use a phone number validator: Online phone number validators can assist in identifying local numbers. These services utilize the area code, prefix, and the first digit of the last four digits to determine if the number belongs to a cell phone or landline.

Using these methods lets you know whether an unknown number is local or not.  

What Are the Different Types of Local Calling Plans?

Several types of local calling plans are available, each with advantages and considerations. Let's explore some standard options to see how much to spend per user:

  • Flat-rate plans: These plans involve paying a fixed monthly fee for unlimited local calls. They are popular and suitable if you frequently make local calls, offering cost predictability and convenience. 
  • Measured-rate plans: Measured-rate plans charge a per-minute rate for local calls. They can be a good fit if your local call usage is infrequent or you prefer to track it closely.
  • Pay-as-you-go plans: With pay-as-you-go plans, you are billed only for the local calls you make. This plan provides flexibility and control over your spending, making it ideal for sporadic local call users.
  • Free local calling plans: Certain VoIP service providers offer free unlimited local calling, which can be a budget-friendly option for managing local calling expenses.

Selecting the most suitable local call plan depends on your needs and calling habits. To determine the right strategy, consider contacting your phone service provider for information about their offerings and guidance in making an informed decision. Compare the best phone system vendors that will suit your unique needs. 

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