How to Negotiate for the Best Hosted VoIP Service and Pricing

How to Negotiate for the Best Hosted VoIP Service and Pricing

 How to Negotiate for the Best Hosted VoIP Service and Pricing

After deciding to implement a hosted VoIP services system for your business and completing the basic research needed to understand different service provider options, it is time to strategize for upcoming hosted VoIP services negotiations. How can you get the best bang for your buck while ensuring you get the best quality of hosted VoIP services needed to keep voice operations in your organization running top-notch?

As with any product or service, you usually get what you pay with hosted VoIP services. However, there is always room for negotiation and hosted VoIP service providers today are motivated to make sales. Here are some tips for balancing getting the best hosted VoIP service deal possible and ensuring you get the quality and support your business deserves. Below are some tips for hosted voice services negotiations.

Hosted VoIP Services

Tips for Hosted VoIP Services Negotiations

Knowledge is power. Before approaching hosted VoIP service providers, thoroughly understand the latest in VoIP technologies and market trends in the field of business that your company is involved in. The array of hosted VoIP services available can be dazzling but it is important to pick the right solution for your needs. For example, these VoIP hosted services include:

  1. Inbound and outbound calling - including local, domestic, long distance, and international.
  2. It also includes 800 hosted VoIP services.
  3. It is one essential hosted VoIP service feature to consider when opting for hosted VoIP services for your business. Most providers have this as a default hosted VoIP feature. It allows the forwarding of calls to available agents’ desks. 
  4. Another hosted VoIP service is called call flip. This feature allows you to transfer calls to the next agent. Similar hosted voice services are call routing, queuing, moving, etc.
  5. Voicemail transcription is another feature offered by hosted VoIP services. These help businesses transcribe voicemails.
  6. If you are a small business, save money by investing in hosted VoIP services. Hosted VoIP services like directory and operator assistance can help you save money, as instead of hiring secretaries to do your job for you, you can use hosted VoIP services.
  7. Caller ID is another hosted VoIP service offered by most VoIP providers. It identifies caller ID and instantly blocks any spam calls.
  8. Conference calling (voice and video) helps you and your team members stay connected no matter where you are with hosted VoIP services.
  9. Direct inward dial (DID)
  10. You can call on emergency numbers (E911) instantly 
  11. Attendant console and auto attendant are among the best hosted VoIP services. It allows you to save money in your business, as instead of hiring a person to do this, VoIP does the job for you with its auto attendant.
  12. Other hosted VoIP services include being able to put music on hold; hosted VoIP services also allow you to add and make changes to the software as training and support, as well as offering varying data speed plans, number porting, and the list of hosted voice services goes on!

If you are a business investing in hosted VoIP services. Foremost of all, prioritize your needs for the smooth running of your business. Countless VoIP providers are offering many hosted VoIP services. Understand what your goals are to achieve a smoothly running business first. This knowledge gives you negotiating power. Service providers will automatically know when their potential clients are informed or not. Therefore, do your research well to have the upper hand over the hosted VoIP service providers.

When you have a short list, tirelessly research every provider. Find customer reviews, testimonials, and colleagues willing to discuss their experiences.

  • What are others paying for similar services?
  • What did they do to get the best deal?
  • Are they happy with the quality of calls, service, and support?
  • Is the hosted voice services worth investing in?

An excellent tip for hosted voice services negotiations would be to ask to work with a single sales representative as you contact providers. Once someone understands your situation, dealing with someone different wastes your precious time.
Consider a single service provider for your telephony and data needs.

As you probably know from your research, most VoIP solution providers today offer a "unified communications" package that covers both basic traditional phone calling requirements and data needs. The more business you bring, the more negotiating power you have.

The smaller the service provider, the more motivated they are to get your business. Negotiating a lower price with a smaller service provider is more accessible than with a big player, but you may pay back what you save in monthly fees in poorer service quality and support.

The more extensive your operation, the more negotiating power you have. Money talks, and the more you spend, the more motivated the VoIP service providers will be to negotiate installation fees, monthly charges, and support contracts. Use the size of your business to your advantage.

Another excellent hosted voice services negotiation tip would be to get written quotes from each vendor on the shortlist. When you have made your final decision, use the quotes from the other vendors to negotiate prices downward.
Ask to waive the equipment and data setup fees. Many hosted VoIP service providers will do this, especially if you sign a longer-term contract. Understand your hosted VoIP service provider's termination clauses and ask to negotiate those. Most service providers will not do so, but it is always worth a try.

And finally, remember not to negotiate your final selected hosted VoIP service provider into too much pain. Be reasonable. Know that paying fairly for a service usually means you will get the support you need when you need it.

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