How to Compare CRM Software to Find a CRM like Hubspot

How to Compare CRM Software to Find a CRM like Hubspot

The software and technology market seems saturated with the best CRM vendors, and choosing one that fits your business requirements is quite a challenge. There is a lot at stake and a lot to consider, and you surely don’t want to end up with a poor investment. CRM, like HubSpot, is a reputable choice for small and medium-sized businesses.

However, finding the best one for the needs of your company means carrying out a thorough comparison of your top options of CRM like HubSpot.

Essential Considerations for CRM Comparisons

CRM software and processes enable businesses to improve their relationship with current customers and prospects and efficiently track each part of a customer’s journey. A CRM like HubSpot encourages a company to engage in scheduled and tailored customer interactions with a higher chance of securing their loyalty, thereby maximizing customer satisfaction and increasing the overall generation of revenue. Good CRM like HubSpot allows business owners to gain a competitive edge and improves CRM ROI by promptly identifying business opportunities, and managing marketing campaigns, from a centralized dashboard. 

With more than 600 CRM vendors in the software industry, selecting a CRM like HubSpot or a CRM like Zoho as an even better fit is no easy task. We believe that the best possible approach in this regard is to shortlist your best options and compare their most crucial factors.

Before you begin your comparison for CRM like HubSpot, you must be aware of your unique business requirements. A CRM that works great for one business may not serve your business well. You will need a list of essential questions to compare your shortlisted CRM like HubSpot. These questions should be regarding the most crucial factors in a good CRM. To make things easier, we have made that list for you:

  • Will this CRM, like HubSpot, secure customer data?
  • Is this CRM a good fit for my business?
  • Does this CRM have easy implementation and fast deployment?
  • Will the company benefit from a CRM with email marketing?
  • Does this CRM have a reasonable adoption rate?
  • Do team members need to communicate in the CRM with text messaging?
  • Will this CRM, like HubSpot, scale with my business?
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Comparing CRM Systems to Find a CRM Like Hubspot

Whether you need a CRM for SMB or enterprise, finding a CRM like HubSpot for your business is no easy job, However, one thing is for sure; no business owner goes out of their way to extensively try out each available option. The most popular and practical way to compare a few alternatives is to thoroughly analyze your top choices, such as HubSpot, and some top alternative CRM like HubSpot. 

We intend to make this comparison easier for our readers by providing a structured comparison of three CRM like HubSpot and sparing you the extra effort of finding the best CRM to improve business operations. We will be comparing HubSpot with 3 CRM like HubSpot: Zoho, Salesforce Sales Cloud, and Pipedrive. While our verdict will be precise, our comparison is thorough since we considered several factors when analyzing HubSpot and other CRM like HubSpot:

  • Understanding the Company
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Features and User Experience
  • Pricing
  • Automation
  • Support Quality

Why Pricing, Features, and Reviews are Crucial in CRM Software Comparisons

Three ultimate factors to consider while comparing CRM like HubSpot are pricing, range of features, functionalities, CRM client portals, and expert reviews.

The decision for how much you are willing to invest in a CRM must not be a stand-alone thought, but you must take the input of the sales team and all those who will be getting hands-on with the software. You don’t want to spend big bucks for a solution that your reps won’t be using or that doesn't have the necessary CRM outlook integrations or other features for day-to-day work. Therefore, please include them in the buying process by taking their valuable insights and comparing the best options in terms of price and functionality.

Make a list of must-have features your team has decided upon before you start shortlisting your choices. These features must be those that are essential for meeting your business goals. Otherwise, there is no point in investing in a CRM. These features may include but not be limited to:

  • Contact and lead management
  • Contact information storage and call recording
  • Email templates
  • Email tracking and scheduling
  • Insights and reporting
  • Lead scoring
  • Marketing automation
  • Premium customer support

With 600+ CRMs available in 2022, finding a CRM like HubSpot for your SMB is quite daunting. Extensively trying out each available option before deciding on one is not an easy or possible task. Thorough comparisons and expert reviews of CRM like HubSpot provide you deep insights into the software and save you significant effort and precious time in trying them out on your own.

CRM Software Comparison: CRM like Hubspot

In this section of the article, we will share our verdict on the thorough and structured comparisons we made between HubSpot and three other CRM like HubSpot: Salesforce, Zoho CRM, and Pipedrive

CRM like HubSpot: Salesforce vs. HubSpot

HubSpot offers many functionality options for sales, marketing, and service departments, but not for every aspect of your business. Salesforce, however, is significantly more customizable and rich in functionality options. Setting up Salesforce might require consultants, but it is easier to start with HubSpot on your own. Both CRM software will cost you a great deal, but Salesforce offers much more, especially if you require enterprise-grade customizability. However, if you need sales, marketing, and service software, it is better to invest in HubSpot.

CRM like HubSpot: Zoho vs. HubSpot

While both CRM have a lot to offer, Zoho definitely has better coverage and will cost you much less. However, when it comes to user experience, HubSpot is on the top, making it worth the extra bucks, that is, if you are willing to invest. 

CRM like HubSpot: Pipedrive vs. HubSpot

Features like email tracking, sequencing, and scheduling are only available with the Sales Hub version and not the limited free HubSpot. The same functionalities generally offered in a single package are split into two with HubSpot. To use task automation capabilities, you need to subscribe to its Professional plan that starts at $400 per month. Therefore, if you are okay with a limited free CRM with expensive upsells, you may consider HubSpot over Pipedrive. Still, for a free trial and cheaper pricing plans, Pipedrive may do your business some good. 

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