How to Compare CRM Software to Find a CRM like Zoho

How to Compare CRM Software to Find a CRM like Zoho

CRM technologies and processes enable businesses to engage in profitable customer interactions, maximize customer satisfaction and grow business revenue. A good CRM like Zoho allows business owners and their workforce to effectively store customers’ contact information, timely identify business opportunities, and manage marketing campaigns from a centralized location.

With numerous CRM options in the market, choosing the best CRM like Zoho or an even better fit can be pretty daunting. This makes it crucial to shortlist and compare the best options with a thorough and structured approach. 

How to Compare Features in a CRM Like Zoho

The right approach to comparing your shortlisted CRM like Zoho is by designing a list of essential questions and seeing how many boxes get checked for each CRM. We have made that list for you:

  • Will a CRM like Zoho ensure the security of my customer data?
  • Does this CRM have fast and easy implementation and deployment?
  • How well does this CRM fit my business?
  • Does this CRM have a reasonable adoption rate?
  • Will this CRM scale with my company?
  • What CRM alternatives like Hubspot should also be considered?
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Why Reviews are Crucial in CRM Software Comparisons

Finding a great CRM like Zoho while figuring out which customer relationship management software is right for your small business is challenging. Whether choosing a CRM like Zoho might be a first-time investment in a CRM or simply switching to a different provider, it is always intimidating. Also, how can one be sure that the final choice is right? 

Despite the hundreds of CRM options available, most businesses only shortlist a couple of software platforms for giving a demonstration before making the final decision. Since a lack of resources for thorough research can lead to choosing a solution that does not best fit a business’s unique needs, reviews are time-saving and crucial for selecting a CRM like Zoho. 

Businesses often end up switching CRM software in a failed search for a CRM like Zoho. The reason is often a lack of required functionalities in the chosen system and a cost that doesn’t suit. While finding the required information in reviews about software features is readily available, most decision-makers pay little importance to them. Cutting through the marketing noise of the various options, one can use well-scripted reviews to land a CRM like Zoho for their business.

CRM System Comparison: CRM like Zoho

Finding a CRM like Zoho for your small business is undoubtedly tricky. While no prospect goes out of the way and tries every option available, they try out a few alternatives, though not extensively. In this section of the article, we will provide a structured comparison of three CRM like Zoho, so you don’t have to try them all out, and you can still know which of them will be a good fit for your business needs. 

We will compare Zoho with 3 CRM like Zoho: Hubspot, Salesforce Sales Cloud, and Pipedrive. In our short verdict of the comparison between Zoho and other CRM like Zoho, we will be considering the following factors:

CRM Vendor Reputation

Our comparison of CRM like Zoho begins with understanding and analyzing the vendor, their motto, and their target customer segment. Vendor reputation and the quality of services for the price will help you determine the best business CRM ROI more effectively.

CRM Functionalities and User Experience

A CRM’s functionalities and user experience are of utmost importance in our review. After all, good use with convenience is the whole point of investing in a CRM like Zoho. Understanding the important features you'll need in your CRM will ensure you get all the functionality you need. If you need a CRM with email marketing or are looking specifically for a CRM with text messaging, researching CRM features can help you understand how different options compare.

CRM Pricing

We share our verdict regarding pricing after thoroughly comparing the different pricing plans offered by CRM like Zoho.

Mobile Accessibility

No one likes being tied down to their computer anymore, now that on-the-go is how we get most things done. Therefore, we respect mobile accessibility as your priority when comparing CRM like Zoho.

Automation Capabilities

The primary function of a CRM like Zoho is to help you organize and automate your sales processes to cut down fulfillment and customer response time. Automation is one of the key ways that CRM can improve operations in your company, so fully understanding your needs and the automation capabilities of the CRM vendors you're comparing will help you choose the best CRM.

Customer Support

In case of need of help, how long will the vendor’s support team take to respond, and what will it cost you?

CRM like Zoho: Salesforce vs. Zoho

Salesforce and Zoho are good choices for small business owners prioritizing functionality over ease of use and prominent organizations. Like Salesforce, Zoho also offers a simple mobile app with a more basic design than the Salesforce app. Zoho is a low-cost alternative and what it provides is within that cost limit too. If you have the bucks, we advise investing in a CRM like Zoho but with far more in its arsenal of functionalities: Salesforce.

CRM like Zoho: HubSpot vs. Zoho

CRM is important for SMBs and enterprises. While both companies try to do many things simultaneously, Zoho has better coverage. Once you are past using the free plans, you will end up paying much less for the same functionality while using Zoho than when you use HubSpot, a CRM like Zoho. HubSpot splits its offerings into free CRM like Zoho and the paid Sales Hub. 

All its main functionalities, such as CRM Outlook integrations, calling, email scheduling, email sequencing, and tracking, are only available with Sales Hub. Therefore, for a proper CRM like Zoho comparison, you will need to invest in that if you are willing to pay the price. The user experience of HubSpot is undoubtedly better than that of Zoho.

CRM like Zoho: Pipedrive vs. Zoho

After comparing all factors in our structured comparison, our verdict on choosing a CRM like Zoho  is that it all comes down to the user experience. Zoho’s interface has dramatically changed over the years. Its latest design features a dark navigation bar and tons of options. It depends on how many of those options your workforce will be using. Do you need all those features on the too-long list? Or do you need a system that your sales team will put to good use? Do you need a CRM with a client portal? If that is a yes, then we say you try Pipedrive. 

While choosing a CRM like Zoho and debating whether another of the CRM alternatives on the market is the right decision can be pretty daunting, once you know your unique business requirements from a CRM, you can be sure of what is the right fit for you.

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