How the Cloud Protects Businesses in Times of Global Crisis

How the Cloud Protects Businesses in Times of Global Crisis

How the Cloud Protects Businesses in Times of Global Crisis

Cloud-based business software and systems offer many advantages, such as cost-savings, modern online features, and overall business mobility. Cloud systems can also provide your company flexibility and stability in times of crises and give you the mobile access, tools, and adaptability that your business needs to act (or react) quickly when sudden shifts in the market, economy, or state of the world happen suddenly.

With the COVID-19 virus sweeping the world and drastically impacting how life and business function, cloud-based software and systems are sustaining companies who had to make the quick decision to transition to remote work. 

Cloud systems certainly support remote business, but they can also provide these key benefits to protect businesses in times of crises, now and in the future. 

Mobility and Business Continuity

Mobility is a key business differentiator that has been driving many companies to cloud-based systems and software for years. This trend already had significant momentum even prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, but with so many companies moving to a remote work model to maintain safe social distancing and keep business flowing, the trend has grown in a completely sudden and unprecedented way. 

Embracing mobility in your business is highly dependent on having strong cloud software systems in place so that your business operations can stay intact and be accessible remotely. If you can run your business no matter where you are, and employees have access to all the tools they need to perform their jobs remotely, your business is better positioned to adapt to times of sudden change in the marketplace or crises that threaten global health and the economy. 


From implementation to long-term savings, cloud software has proven to be a very cost-effective approach to business systems and operations across all types and sizes of companies. Staying liquid and reducing unnecessary expenses in your business will help position your business for survival and success in the face of crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic we’re experiencing across the globe right now.

Cloud-based business solutions provide companies with substantial cost-savings when compared to traditional, on-premise systems. There aren’t usually many additional upfront costs associated to cloud software implementation, as there’s no need for extensive hardware, set-up, and maintained on-site. 

Cloud software systems are available within a wide range of different monthly plans that can be custom-tailored to your exact business needs and budget, so you’ll only be paying for the services and tools that you use daily and need to make the most impact in your business. Additionally, because cloud-based software programs and apps are hosted and managed by the vendor, you don’t have to invest in ongoing IT staff internally to monitor systems and keep them functioning seamlessly. 

Updates, Upgrades, and Security

Cloud-based software programs are hosted and managed by the provider, who guarantee uptime and ensure that all the necessary upgrades and updates are completed. This means you always have the most up-to-date tools and features available to you and don’t have to worry about maintaining your own systems for optimal function and health. Cloud vendors ensure your systems work for you, so you can focus on building your business.

Cloud software vendors are always innovating and implementing security measures to keep your business systems and data in the cloud secure and safe.

Support and Training

Cloud vendors offer resources, training, and support to help your company learn, access, and make the most of all your cloud-based tools and solutions. This is especially helpful for companies who are new to the cloud and employees who are working remotely for the first time. Most vendors offer an array of different support channels and resources such as:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Chat
  • FAQs
  • Training Videos and Webinars
  • And More…

Wheelhouse Can Help You Move to the Cloud

If you need help choosing the best cloud-based communication tools to support successful remote work, our team is here to help! 

We have relationships with all the leading software vendors, and we’re happy to connect you with vendors and set up complimentary appointments to get you the tools you need for operating your business remotely. 

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