Enterprise Phone Systems: VoIP Vs. IP-PBX

Enterprise Phone Systems: VoIP Vs. IP-PBX

Enterprise Phone Systems:VoIP Vs. IP-PBX - Which is Best for Your Corporation?

An enterprise company has complex communication needs, and when you’re looking for a VoIP vs. PBX solution to power all your big business collaborations, you need to make sure that the system will fully support your business and all your teams. 

But, which type of phone system, VoIP vs. PBX, will best power your enterprise corporation and give you all the tools and capabilities you need?

In this article, we’ll explore VoIP and IP-PBX phone solutions for enterprise business and offer insight into how you can choose the system most aligned with your needs. 

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VoIP for Enterprise

VoIP vs. PBX is swiftly becoming the new business phone system of choice for many companies, large and small. However, just like any business software, VoIP vs. PBX has its distinct advantages and disadvantages that you’ll need to factor into your decision on which type of VoIP vs. PBX phone system technology best suits your business. 

Benefits of VoIP

VoIP offers significant cost savings for companies who want a powerful, mobile phone system. There are no hefty upfront investment costs for hardware or equipment, and VoIP vs. PBX plans are structured in monthly plans that can be tailored to your exact communication needs. 

VoIP vs. PBX also offers key advantages for strategic business growth through enhanced communication, including:

• Productivity Increases
• Mobility Options
• Robust, Enterprise-Grade VoIP vs. PBX Features and Tools
• Advanced Analytics and Reporting

VoIP Limitations

While VoIP vs. PBX is feature-rich and powerful enough to support bustling enterprise communications, it does have some limitations you should be aware of when choosing your phone solution.

  • VoIP is completely internet-dependent, which means you can connect anywhere with a connection, but it also means that the system won’t work if there’s no internet or available Wi-Fi.
  • VoIP vs. PBX Security is always a concern with cloud-based VoIP vs. PBX software, but protection measures are always improving to protect your communication systems from hacks and fraud.


IP-PBX Solutions for Large Businesses

While the overall trend in business communications is moving swiftly toward VoIP vs. PBX phone systems are still used by many large companies to power their on-site communications and connect multiple offices it takes to keep their business running smoothly. This type of VoIP vs. PBX phone technology has advantages and disadvantages to consider when you’re looking for the perfect VoIP vs. PBX communication technology for your business.

Benefits of IP-PBX

  • The system is proprietary to your enterprise and can be customized and secured according to your specifications and industry regulations.
  • A VoIP vs. PBX phone system set up on-site offers more control and oversight of your systems. Your leadership can dictate protocols and your IT staff can manage the whole solution in-house. 

Drawbacks of IP-PBX

  • The upfront investment of a VoIP vs. PBX system is much more substantial than a VoIP solution. An VoIP vs. PBX requires hardware and equipment that must be set up on-site and deployed on your company’s servers.
  • An on-site VoIP vs. PBX phone system also requires ongoing maintenance, which your IT staff will have to manage consistently and effectively to keep your phone system updated, secure, and functioning smoothly. This also generates costs in equipment, upgrades, and staffing.
  • VoIP vs. PBX phone systems run on an internal network within your office locations, so there are some limitations on mobility with this type of solution. 

VoIP vs. PBX: Which is Best for Your Enterprise?

If you have a large enterprise company, or your business handles a large amount of sensitive, proprietary information, then a VoIP vs. PBX solution offers heightened security that you need to conduct your business effectively and protect your private data as well. This type of phone system technology also works well if you need to efficiently connect multiple offices within your company and provide your teams with tools to connect and collaborate with one another. 

VoIP vs. PBX is a dynamic, customizable solution that is powerful enough to support enterprise communication needs. VoIP vs. PBX is a great option because it helps you keep your communications agile and portable, and gives you the option to scale easily and customize your suite of features, including in-depth (and real-time) reporting and analytics options to help keep your enterprise, informed and competitive. You will always have the most up-to-date VoIP vs. PBX system and features without any effort from your teams since VoIP vs. PBX updates are applied automatically and frequently by the vendor to keep the system secure and loaded with the most cutting-edge capabilities. 

Need a Blended Corporate VoIP vs. PBX Communication Solution? 

If you already have a VoIP vs. PBX phone system in place, but also want to incorporate VoIP into your business, then many phone system providers have blended solutions. This way, all the investment that you put into your on-site isn’t wasted but can be enhanced by adding VoIP to your VoIP vs. PBX solution so you have the best of both phone system worlds. 

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