In the past, software integration was something that only affluent corporations could afford. Now, it is conveniently possible to combine independent software components, so that they can perform on a cross-functional level and be used easily by almost anyone in your organization.

Whether your enterprise software is customized or off-the-shelf, integrating multiple solutions from different business aspects is essential. To stay competitive in today’s fast-paced business culture, literally every minute matters.

How will integration help your support ticket software?

As fundamental (or even mundane) as it seems, the support ticket software that your customer service department uses can be a treasure trove of insightful data. Data is a valuable asset in your business – and even the smallest, seemingly trivial piece of information could be important to growing your company.

Your company support ticket application is no exception, and integrating this software within all areas of your organization can reveal results that you may otherwise never have been able to obtain.

1. An improvement in operational tasks

Through integration, you enable your support ticket software to ‘talk’ to other applications in different departments, such as sales, inventory and accounts. An inquiry pertaining to whether an item is ready for purchase can be immediately dealt with by the sales team, if the support ticket team instantly notifies them of the same.

What about complaints? This can also be immediately forwarded to the crisis management team, who can take it from there. This system can help eliminate excessive overhead, and give your customer support team the opportunity to focus on job roles that are more dynamic in nature, rather than merely administrative.

2. Accurate and intelligent data

As data is fed from your support ticket software to other applications, you can be rest assured that the correctness of this information is 100%. Since there is no need to manually key in details across individual software systems, the probability of error is eliminated.

Taking things a notch higher, the data gathered via support ticket inquiries can be transformed into big data – as in-depth reporting features show you how these facts interact, and affect other areas of your business. This way, data that was otherwise known to be of little to no use will be able to tell you about the true health of your business.

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