Best VoIP for Small Business

What is the Best VoIP for Small Business?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) benefits small businesses seeking efficient, cost-effective communication solutions. Unlike traditional phone systems that rely on landlines, the best VoIP for small business harnesses the power of the internet to transmit voice data, offering unparalleled flexibility and savings.

For small businesses, VoIP translates into significant cost reductions. Traditional phone systems often involve hefty setup costs, maintenance fees, and per-minute charges. In contrast, VoIP generally has lower upfront expenses and allows for predictable monthly bills. This scalability is particularly advantageous for growing enterprises, as additional lines can be seamlessly added without requiring extensive infrastructure changes.

VoIP's feature-rich capabilities further enhance business operations. From auto-attendants and call forwarding to voicemail-to-email transcription, these functionalities empower small businesses to project a professional image and streamline communication processes. Integrating VoIP with other business applications enhances efficiency, fostering a more interconnected and productive work environment.

VoIP facilitates remote work by enabling employees to stay connected from anywhere via Internet. This flexibility is crucial for small businesses adapting to the demands of modern work structures.

The best VoIP for small businesses is a cost-effective, flexible, and feature-rich communication solution, providing the foundation for streamlined operations and enhanced connectivity in today's dynamic business landscape.

Top 10 Best VoIP Software for Small Business

PanTerra - Streams / Crexendo / Vonage / RingCentral MVP / VirtualPBX / 8x8 X Series / Switchvox Cloud / GoToConnect / Zendesk Suite / VoIPstudio

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PanTerra - Streams
Starting Price:$20 / user / per month
PanTerra Streams is an all-in-one phone, text/SMS, fax, team messaging, business analytics and file sync/share solution - all within one customizable app. Key PanTerra Streams features include:
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Starting Price:N/A
Crexendo is an end-to-end, cloud-based voice and data technology and infrastructure service provider. Its solutions are ideally suited for small and medium enterprises and startups.  Crexendo solutions are known for their reliability and security, which are essential in the voice and data servi...
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Starting Price:$14.99 / user / per month
Vonage Business Communications unifies calling, messaging, video, and an ecosystem of 3rd party integrations.  By adopting a full suite of communication tools with 50+ enterprise-grade calling features from a single provider, a business will benefit from all-in-one voice, messaging, video, and ...
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RingCentral MVP
Starting Price:$20 / user / per month
RingCentral MVP is a leading provider of unified communications solutions that goes beyond basic voice capabilities. Offering omnichannel support that includes messaging and video, RingCentral MVP packs a powerful set of tools into one centralized platform.
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Starting Price:$16 / user / per month
VirtualPBX is a leader in small business hosted phone services. The company was created in 1997: it has been placed on multiple top provider lists and won various service awards for their pioneering innovations and their consistently reliable service and network. VirtualPBX’s offer is tailored...
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8x8 X Series
Starting Price:$24 / user / per month
8x8, Inc. is a unified communications service provider and collaboration (UCC) cloud for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), mid-market businesses and distributed enterprises. The company offers a wide range of UCC cloud services for desktop and mobile devices, including extended business phon...
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Switchvox Cloud
Starting Price:$19.99 / user / per month
Sangoma offers one of the most popular Unified Communications platforms, available both as a cloud and an on-premise solution. Businesses can also opt in for the hybrid solution for multiple locations. All Sangoma users have complete access to the system features. Users can leverage unified communic...
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Starting Price:$27 / user / per month
GoTo Connect is the all-in-one phone, meeting and messaging software built for SMBs. It boasts an enterprise-class phone system with 100+ features with inclusive minutes for local, long distance & international calls; video and audio conferencing with screen share for up to 250 people; and messa...
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Zendesk Suite
Starting Price:$125 / user / per month
Zendesk Suite is an end-to-end customer relationship platform that combines help desk, voice and CX capabilities into one powerful application. AI is a key capability at Zendesk, offering users the ability to infuse intelligent automation across a variety of areas, from customer interactions to inte...
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Starting Price:$16.99 / user / per month
VoIP Studio provides cloud based phone services that cut hardware ownership and maintenance cost, while providing top rated features for organizations of all sizes. Bring a small company up to corporation standard communications by choosing VoIP Studio. Enjoy free internet calls, reduced call rates,...
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