Integrating Video Into Your Content Marketing Mix

Integrating Video Into Your Content Marketing Mix

Integrating Video Into Your Content Marketing Mix

Adding video into your content marketing stack can be a strategic way to connect with customers in a dynamic medium that tends to be more engaging than other content types for today's customers. Leading marketing automation software now offers an array of tools for leveraging different types of content, including video, in your marketing campaigns. Some of these tools may also include options for creating video content or customizing it further to best fit your audience, so it's worth comparing the best marketing automation systems on the market to get a strong sense of what tools each offers, and which mix of features will best support your marketing goals today and in the future.

Creating video content can seem like a daunting endeavor, but it doesn't have to be. We've put together some tips to help you get started with adding video to your marketing campaigns.

  • Create video tutorials

Video is a great way to demonstrate products and educate customers - some people simply need to "see it to believe it." Consider creating video tutorials showcasing your products or services. Another popular use of video is to record a Power Point presentations from your screen to educate your target market and customers. Video provides evidence about the functionality and use of your product while answering questions your prospects may have.

One good example of a company using video for content marketing and product recognition is Blendtec. Many of these videos have gone viral so millions of viewers watch their videos and become familiar with their products and brand. This is a great example of how to use video to educate prospects about products and services.

  • Add video to landing pages

Consider adding video testimonials and other video content to grab the attention of visitors to your sales landing pages. According to a post on Common Craft, several companies have seen a 158% difference in conversions on landing pages with video testimonials vs. those without.

  • Create live video events

Add video to your content marketing campaign by introducing video events such as webinars and special events. By streaming a live event, you engage viewers with powerful content broadcasted live while giving prospects information on your products and how they solve their business needs.

As the cost of technology to stream live video continues to spiral downward, more and more companies are seriously looking into this content distribution method to attract new customers and educate existing ones.

Another way to extend your live video content is record the event and re-broadcast snippets for your B2B blog or product landing pages and also makes the entire event available to people who couldn't make the scheduled time.

  • Record offline events

Video isn't just for online events; consider recording seminars, conferences and luncheons that provide valuable insight on your products and services. Redistribute that video on DVDs with marketing collateral for future conferences and online for blog posts and other content marketing.

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