How to Select the Right Video Conferencing Equipment?

How to Select the Right Video Conferencing Equipment?

Video conferencing equipment is not a rarity anymore. Many business owners have embraced this style of communication to conduct internal meetings, training and dealing with clients. The system is usually affordable and easy to use, utilizing “Voice Over Internet Protocol,” also known as VoIP, to transmit video and voice data with high quality video conferencing tools and reliability.

No more waiting at the airport, along with the stress and unpleasantness of travel these days – you can conduct business using video conferencing equipment, saving money and being professional at the same time. Showing that you use the latest video conferencing equipment technology can only benefit your business. According to recent research, the video conferencing vs telepresence market will more than double in the next few years – this method of communication is not a fad and is here to stay thanks to the modern hybrid workplace model.

You may be used to video conferencing equipment with free programs, such as Skype, used by many individuals; however, if you’re looking for better overall quality of service, you should consider business-class video conferencing equipment and service. You may be surprised at how advanced and dependable these video conferencing equipment systems are.

What are the 5 Parts of Video Conferencing Equipment?

Video Camera/Webcam

The most crucial video conferencing equipment component is camera technology. Hence, it is important to invest in the right quality of video conferencing equipment. With amazing improvements in camera quality in the past decade, investing in the right video conferencing equipment doesn’t need to break the bank anymore.

Audio Equipment

The other vital video conferencing equipment is audio technology. It is imperative that your organization invests in high-quality audio equipment when looking to invest in video conferencing equipment since the user engagement in a call is purely dependent on audio quality more so than the video quality. Even if the video quality of a call is subpar, without high-quality audio in a call, it would create a choppy experience for listeners.

Codec Devices

Codec devices are another piece of crucial video conferencing equipment. Codecs transmit the data packets via your internet connection and are encrypted and decrypted by your end-point video conferencing equipment. A codec with a high compression rate can facilitate a seamless video conferencing experience.

Endpoint Devices

Endpoint devices in a video conferencing equipment system include the video display and audio output systems. Depending on your organization’s needs, you will have to invest in a variety of endpoint video conferencing equipment. If your team is mostly attending calls via remote video conferences, it would be advisable to invest in good laptops or desktop video conferencing equipment and if your company employs a conference room vs desktop video conferencing, it might be better to invest in a larger screen or projector. 


Last but not least, the most important video conferencing equipment your company should look to invest in is your bandwidth. Video conferencing requires a strong internet connection to avoid data packet loss, jitters, and reduction in the overall quality of the call. Hence, your bandwidth allocation is not something you would want to skimp on when investing in video conferencing equipment. Improvements in 5G technology have made video conferencing easy to adopt by businesses for seamless business communication. 

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Tips for Selecting Video Conferencing Equipment

Below are some tips to help you research buying video conferencing systems and video conferencing equipment:


In-house or hosted? An in-house video conferencing system makes sense if you have internal expertise in this technology and someone who can install and maintain the video conferencing equipment system. The hosted option would work better if you don’t want to be responsible for the video conferencing equipment and audio setup and may need outside help. Usually, the hosted option is cheaper than in-house because the hosting firm owns and maintains the video conferencing equipment system. As you research video conferencing equipment setups, be aware of these different options, or you will be comparing apples and oranges.


When researching video conferencing equipment products and services, keep a budget in mind. Have a range that you’re comfortable with, including how much you can spend upfront and any future monthly payments, including maintenance of the system. Start with less expensive systems and move up from there – it doesn’t make sense to purchase an expensive setup when a more affordable one is available and would work as well. Be aware that the many cheaper equipment and systems may not give you the best quality, so make sure to test the equipment and service before making a decision.


Make a list of your required video conferencing equipment functionalities, such as the capability to connect to at least five individuals in one video conference or the need for HD equipment. Maybe you want to have a specific screen size, for instance. Write these down and keep them handy when reviewing video conferencing systems; it’s too easy to get distracted and forget about your basic video conferencing equipment requirements. Other functions you may consider is the ability to use the Internet at the same time as the video conference is going on, and good security to avoid eavesdropping, such as the ability to access the conference with a password.


Scalability relates to how easy is for the video conferencing equipment system to grow as your business grows. Maybe in the near future, you will need to conduct video conferencing with ten different individuals at ten different places, including offshore locations.  Therefore, you will want a system to do that without a major video conferencing equipment overhaul or expense. When you make an investment in video conferencing equipment, you want to be sure that you can use it long-term and not have to purchase video conferencing equipment replacements within a few years.

Don’t miss the chance to use this affordable technology to lower your travel costs along with absences and stress levels. As you compare video conferencing software and equipment, be sure to get the best video conferencing equipment and service you can afford. And don’t forget to test any system you select to make sure it works with your existing internet set-up and video conferencing equipment.

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