CRM Oracle for AI-Powered Customer Experience

CRM Oracle for AI-Powered Customer Experience

A leading name in the world of enterprise software, CRM Oracle is a one-stop-shop for all things customer experience. CRM Oracle offers a robust variety of CRM features that you can customize according to unique business requirements. CRM Oracle ensures sales teams are equipped with all the tools and insights they need for every step of the funnel so that no potential lead falls through the cracks.

While CRM Oracle may be better suited for larger businesses, Oracle NetSuite also belongs to the same family of CRM Oracle software - and is an excellent choice for smaller, boutique businesses. Offering the capability to scale in line with business growth, Oracle NetSuite’s cloud-based solutions provide the ability to quickly scale alongside business growth and enable easy deployment, configuration, and access. Small businesses can hit the ground running with minimal downtime and effort.

However, its AI and machine learning capabilities make CRM Oracle stand out. From predicting sales outcomes to providing agents with intelligent recommendations as they tackle a challenging prospect, CRM Oracle can provide AI functionalities that are either out-of-the-box or customized to your business’s existing data.

In this article, we discuss what makes CRM Oracle an excellent option for any business looking to infuse AI with their CRM or customer experience solution - especially if a comparison of CRM vendors is being carried out prior to a big purchase or upgrade.

The Best CRM Oracle Features and Benefits

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Centralized customer data

A system that centralizes all data on a customer into a single record/profile isn’t just conducive to maintaining accurate customer information but is also one of the hallmark requirements for building a powerful CX strategy. With CRM Oracle, your customer records don’t just receive the perfect harmonization of data but are also the hub where customer engagement statistics gather. 

Via such multichannel insight, CRM Oracle can tailor customer experience depending on the preferences of each customer while conducting AI-powered A/B and multivariate testing of campaigns to identify which strategies work best.

Predicting sales outcomes

Your business's frequency and quality of sales will eventually help measure CRM ROI. However, CRM Oracle takes this several notches higher by guiding sales agents through recommendations, alerts, and reminders that aren’t just intelligent but also intuitive. 

Thanks to AI and machine learning, centralized customer and client data is used to detect possible risks. At the same time, intelligent recommendations advise agents on what can be done to mitigate the same. Differences between estimation and actual performance are another form of predictive insight that CRM Oracle can generate, so no mistakes are made in the course of winning a sales deal.

Offering intelligent recommendations to sales agents

Predictive analysis and intelligent recommendations via AI go hand-in-hand in CRM Oracle. As every stage of the CRM pipeline is monitored for valuable data-driven insights, CRM Oracle, through training its algorithms on large sets of data (be they proprietary or sampled from the vendor), can generate bright talking points for sales reps to resonate better with prospects.

Another critical capability of CRM Oracle is offering AI-powered recommendations to dormant yet high-potential customers. Every lead is optimized for conversion, so no opportunity is missed, and no money is left on the table.

Integrating CRM Oracle with Other Business Applications

CRM Oracle and ERP

While you can integrate CRM Oracle with numerous interdepartmental applications, ERP integration is one of the most common. As customer requests flow through your organization, integrating business units such as accounting and supply chain can eliminate data silos, streamline workflows, and even assist with data governance. No matter how unique your existing business process requirements are, You can customize CRM Oracle to fit so that you can build that customer experience into every area of your operations. 

CRM Oracle and conversational AI

Another good case for AI in customer experience is conversational AI. Companies can slash query times and increase agent productivity by training bots to interact with customers as live agents. Chatbots will handle common queries, while live agents will only focus on inquiries of an urgent nature. CRM Oracle and conversational AI can create a CX powerhouse that attends to daily customer quandaries but helps marketers understand a buyer’s story and persona to tailor messaging and campaigns.

CRM Oracle and PaaS

You can also integrate CRM Oracle with other Oracle applications, such as document management and process management, on a PaaS (Platform as a Service) basis to create a seamless workflow across the organization. This can be especially beneficial, as you do not have to worry about hiring a development team to custom code the integrations, thanks to pre-built connectors offered by CRM Oracle.

Is an AI-powered CRM Oracle Right for Your Business?

If you’re looking for a CRM that can consolidate data, offer predictive insights, and enable your team to build a unique customer experience. CRM Oracle has all these capabilities and more to help you get started. Before you and your team make a final purchase decision, it is imperative to assess your business’s goals and KPIs so that your new or upgraded CRM Oracle can help your team achieve these successfully.

By having a detailed business assessment at the ready, identifying the correct CRM Oracle capabilities can then pave the way for a solution that is appropriately tailored for your business. If you are looking to adopt AI in your CRM Oracle, determining which processes will benefit from the same is a discussion with the vendor so that they can guide you on how, where, when, and why you can adopt AI for your business’s unique needs.

With time, scaling your CRM Oracle is also essential, so your software grows together with your business. With big data and business intelligence, precisely identifying growth through changes in revenue, workforce, and market conditions can help you gauge how your software needs to adapt. Your CRM Oracle is always at peak performance and is a system that your entire organization can rely on for building customer experience.

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