Contentful CMS: A Full Solution to Managing Content Online

Contentful CMS: A Full Solution to Managing Content Online

Contentful CMS has emerged as one of the best CMS platforms to help businesses and individuals alike manage and publish content online. Contentful CMS is limited to working on a website. Other platforms, such as social media and mobile apps, can also be updated using their user-friendly content models. Learn more about how Contentful CMS has innovated how creators publish content. 

What is Contentful CMS?

Contentful CMS is a content infrastructure platform that enables you to update your website and other digital channels. Contentful CMS eliminates the need for extensive coding knowledge and allows anyone to update a website using a user-friendly user interface. You can create content, manage it, and distribute it across all digital channels. 

Contentful CMS is deemed a ‘headless CMS’ that can be automated without intervention. As businesses seek more flexible solutions to manage their digital platforms, Contentful CMS allows them to reuse and optimize content for different digital channels. All content can be managed using Contentful CMS and published on any preferred platform. This will enable businesses to have a cohesive approach to maintaining and growing their digital presence with a CMS

Contentful CMS can be used as an individual or a team of collaborators. You can assign roles and role-based permissions to monitor who has access to different levels of content creation. 

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What Is the Difference Between Contentful And CMS?

Typical CMS software is currently web publishing tools rather than content management systems. They usually work on a singular vertical by allowing one layer of your website instead of integrating all digital platforms. Contentful CMS, on the other hand, takes on a three-pronged approach to expand the possibilities of what can be achieved by using Contentful CMS. 

The first layer of Contentful CMS includes designing a content model different from the presentation model used for your website. Next, Contentful CMS allows multiple contributors to add and edit content using a user-friendly editing interface. Lastly, Contentful CMS will enable users to create engaging content and experience around the content that is completely adapted to your digital strategy. 

Contentful CMS uses:

Content Infrastructure

Contentful CMS automates content delivery, so your audience is always up-to-date.

Flexible Content Models

Contentful CMS allows users to create customized content models that satisfy their digital strategy. Unlike other CMS platforms, Contentful CMS doesn’t restrict you to uninspiring predetermined templates.  

Streamlined UI

Contentful CMS comes with optimized user interfaces to maximize adoption. Extensive testing has been done to ensure that the Contentful CMS is user-friendly for users of all levels. 

Portable App

Contentful CMS can be used over the web or mobile. This enables businesses to take an omnichannel approach to deliver content using Contentful CMS. 

How to use Contentful CMS?

Let's take the example of managing a blog using Contentful CMS. 

The first step is creating a workspace and completing the relevant blog content model. Once you have created suitable content models for your blog using Contentful CMS, you may add information to the content model in the creative space where you are doing a project. Contentful CMS support numerous fields that can be customized to fit your needs.

Using Contentful CMS, you can edit the look and feel of your text, images, and embedded content. Once the blog post looks similar to the content plan, it is time to publish the draft. Likewise, Contentful CMS can be used to manage other platforms of your digital landscape to streamline posting content. 

Is Contentful CMS Open Source?

Most popular CMS platforms are limited to user-friendly templates that don’t cover all bases regarding content management. Platforms customized to the user experience will have higher adoption and success rates. 

Contentful CMS carries a library of field editor components that are all open source to allow developers the freedom to create their projects without being limited to templates. This will enable businesses to streamline content management in the most intuitive way to create sustainable workflows.

Contentful CMS uses GraphQL API and RESTful APIs to allow developers to open spaces in their open-source platform. This will enable users to create content adaptively using the field editors without coding each field from scratch. 

Who Are Contentful CMS Competitors?

Although Contentful CMS seems far apart from the competition, let's compare it with other popular CMS platforms. 

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager is a competitor of Contentful CMS that allows users to build and manage web content in a user-friendly manner. Adobe Experience Manager can create mobile responsive sites with e-commerce integrations and other marketing tools to optimize web content. Cross-promotion across different platforms is easy with Adobe Experience Manager to draw more eyes. Reports and analytics set Adobe Experience Manager apart from the competition and allow website optimization to strengthen your digital presence. 


Sitefinity is a web-based CMS platform that helps businesses create engaging content to improve their audience. All the tools needed to build and manage a website are available through Sitefinity, making it a worthy competitor of Contentful CMS. However, Sitefinity does not offer the same flexibility as Contentful CMS by providing pre-determined templates instead of customizability. However, Sitefinity CMS is a great tool for small businesses that want to maintain a digital presence and streamline it with a user-friendly interface. 


Drupal is another popular CMS platform that has a broader user base. Drupal also allows users to create and manage digital content to stay connected to their clients. It is a free CMS platform that is user-friendly, with templates to streamline content management. Hence, although Drupal is an excellent platform for beginners, it wouldn’t be ideal for developers that want to customize their sites. Drupal has a community of support developers dedicated to helping new developers through online forums to help users with customizations.  

Contentful CMS can be valuable if a content management system is the right tool to help streamline and maintain your digital presence. Compare the best CMS tools to determine if Contentful CMS is the right tool for your business. 

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