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What is Drupal?

Drupal’s content management system allows users to develop, publish, and manage the websites and applications they need to stay connected to their clients. Everything about Drupal is designed to be flexible, with tools that help users build what they need, rather than relying on outdated templates that can’t get the job done. There are thousands of add-ons that allow your content to integrate with just about any other application or software, and you can use modules to increase the overall functionality of your Internet presence.

One of the best parts of Drupal is that it is a completely free content management solution. Anyone can download it, modify it, or share it at any time. There are no licensing or downloading fees, and this has attracted more than one million developers; working together to shape Drupal’s landscape. The more Drupal is downloaded, modified, and used, the stronger the system becomes. Drupal’s community is dedicated to helping new developers through the Drupal forums, and often post tutorials and recipes to get users started with their own customizations.

Drupal’s latest set of core features include the ability to note author content, invalidate content through cache tags, build custom interactions using RESTful web services, HAL, HTTP, and Serialization. You can use Drupal to patch a CRM or other marketing tool, or use it to post to social media or through email campaigns. Users can work with blocks, menus, panels, user profiles, content types, navigation tools, and build websites that include e-Commerce functions, forums, workflow management, search features, and a variety of other important features for consumers. There’s even a mobile guide that helps Drupal users connect with their clients on the go. Security features and permissions allow users to collaborate with their team and enhance performance while keeping all their content backed up and secure.

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Drupal Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 17 April 2023

Not for me

I have experience configuring Drupal for clients, and while it was profitable for our business, it also meant building everything from scratch and taking more time than using WordPress and plugins. Drupal is a powerful platform, but its usability and accessibility come at a tradeoff

  • Drupal offers a lot of power and control for engineers who have surpassed the learning curve and don't mind extensive configuration to build their websites.
  • It provides great flexibility to integrate with multiple sites and perform powerful tasks.
  • Drupal requires a lot of configuration and is not user-friendly for non-technical users.
  • The option to use WordPress may be more attractive for administrators without an engineering background.

Reviewed on 16 March 2023

Durpal can help in building world class enterprise grade applications

It is worth noting that Drupal is highly scalable and suitable for developing enterprise-level intranet applications. Its custom content types and views are very flexible and it provides access control/user permission, allowing for the creation of personalized rules. It also offers built-in support for multilingual sites without the need for third-party extensions. Overall, Drupal is a solid choice for developing enterprise and intranet applications.

  • Its customization options are limited compared to the popular CMS Wordpress and basic coding skills are required.
  • .
  • Configuring Drupal on a web hosting site can be difficult due to higher hardware requirements compared to other CMSs.

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  • Campaign Builder
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