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WordPress Reviews & Overview

What is WordPress?

While Wordpress is known largely as a blogging and hosting platform, the Wordpress core also offers a comprehensive content management system that can be used to manage and curate content for individuals and businesses. This is easier to understand once you realize that all data put into Wordpress is considered a post; clicking publish, or defining information as a page, simply changes the post’s organizational type to something that is able to be seen by the public.   

With that in mind, consider that any type of content can be uploaded to Wordpress’ system, and organized into certain “post” types. Wordpress creates a library of video, audio, and image content, as well as utilizes templates to make uploading and managing content even easier. Content can be structured hierarchically, such as in “pages”, or in collections that are grouped by tags or categories. Wordpress’ system offers one of the largest libraries of free add-ons and third-party plug-ins in the world, all of which can be utilized to add features to your content management system.

One of the key features of Wordpress that move it from the realm of a blogging host to a content management system is the custom field feature. Below each post, users can define their own data fields; usually used for metadata and SEO keywords, companies can use this field for prices, serial numbers, warranty information, and any other information they need to keep attached to a piece of content.

Wordpress allows for multiple “authors”, or users, and each author has their own archive to track their work within the system. Wordpress can be accessed from mobile apps, on desktop computers, and on tablets and other devices; everything is web-based, and all changes are automatically updated across all devices. Finally, the Wordpress dashboard can be used to plan, schedule, and manage workflows with better accuracy as your content grows.  


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Pros & Cons Preview
  • A free platform that provides great support to new bloggers.
  • It lets you access a wide range of audience free of cost.
  • As I am quite familiar with its features as I used a similar platform previously.
  • I found out that it wasn’t the same for new users.
  • It has a high learning curve, but that’s normal for any CMS platform.
  • Make sure to try the free version first and see if it suits you.

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