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Salesforce Sales Cloud
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Salesforce Sales Cloud Overview

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce CRM is the leading cloud-based CRM software solution in the market. It is scalable, highly secure, mobile, and promotes collaboration between employees of the organization. Leads can be nurtured better and then moved on to the next steps at the right time. Similarly, marketing campaigns are created, executed and monitored for greater efficiency. Salesforce CRM keeps all customer-related information and past interaction history is one place, making it easy to have a real 360 view of customers and facilitates closing more deals. Productivity of individual sales reps, as well as entire departments is enhanced thanks to greater automation. Finally, analytics helps to make better informed decisions using real-time insights.   


  • Close more deals: Salesforce CRM keeps all customer-related information, key contacts, past interactions, etc. in one place, so that leads can be managed easily. It is easy to access products sold, quotes sent and to better collaborate with other key players in the sales cycle. To help, the Opportunity Management feature ensures accurate lead scoring and assigns then to the right buying stage. It is easy to manage and track leads across different stages and channels. The solution enables streamlined workflow and higher productivity.
  • Get more leads: With Salesforce CRM, it is possible to generate and nurture more leads. Pardot Marketing Automation, lets you design, deploy and monitor online campaigns effectively. Through the Partner Community feature, it becomes easy to connect with channel partners and work with them to fuel your nurturing tracks and close deals faster.
  • Enhance Productivity: Salesforce 1 Mobile App ensure that it is possible to work from anywhere at any time. Sales executives can log calls, perform sales activities, create opportunities, and view dashboards from anywhere. Workflows are completely automated and business processes can be created with a simple drag and drop feature. As Salesforce CRM is integrated with email applications, it is possible to sync contacts, events, alerts, etc.
  • Decision Making: Salesforce CRM comes with intuitive dashboards, user-friendly customizable reports and analytics. Sales teams can take informed decisions in real time. The solution also supports sales forecasting and territory management. The Sales Wave Analytics helps to provide greater insight into the sales activities across any device, Inc.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 11 December 2023

Harness the Customization Capabilities

Salesforce emerges as a dynamic ally, offering solutions for lead and contact management, sales processes, and client management. While it may pose some challenges in certain areas, the platform's overall ability to adapt and streamline business processes remains a considerable strength.

  • Salesforce proves invaluable across diverse business domains, from asset tracking and employee on/offboarding to efficient vendor management.
  • Salesforce (SFDC) exhibits a potential limitation in executing seemingly straightforward tasks without the necessity of additional tool downloads.

Reviewed on 14 November 2023

Optimize Functionality with Strategic Add-Ons

Enhance Salesforce's capabilities by strategically investing in addons that align with your specific business needs.

  • The platform's user-friendly interface facilitates a seamless onboarding experience, allowing users to dive in without the need for extensive training.
  • While Lightning offers a more enhanced experience, certain functionalities exclusive to Classic may require programming efforts in Lightning.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Pricing

per user / per month
Salesforce Sales Cloud Pricing Details

Salesforce Sales Cloud Key Features

Customer Management
  • Customer Profiling
  • Case Management
  • Pipeline Management
  • Deal Management
  • Account Management
  • Territory Management
  • Complaint/Feedback Management
Lead Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Registration
  • Lead Distribution
  • Lead Aggregation
  • Lead Augmentation
  • Lead Nurturing
Supported Channels
  • Chat/IM
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Social Media
Salesforce Sales Cloud Features Details

Salesforce Sales Cloud Media


Salesforce Sales Cloud Wheelhouse Score

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The Average Wheelhouse score for the CRM category is 7.8

Salesforce Sales Cloud Scores

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  • Meets Requirements
  • Learning Curve
  • Setup & Support
  • Quality of Support
  • Ease of Admin

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