What is Membership CRM: A Guide to Member Management

What is Membership CRM: A Guide to Member Management

If you are a business learning about membership CRM, here is a one-stop guide to learning all about it. With so many membership CRM software options in the market, finding the right one can be a hassle. Thankfully, this article guides you to make the best possible choice.

What Is Membership CRM?

A membership CRM helps keep you updated about member information. All the data is centralized in one place. This makes it easier for everyone on your team to access it. Membership CRM also helps with legal requirements such as GDPR.

Membership CRM helps maintain the history of members in a meaningful way. For everyone to access, payment activity, labels, and activity changes are automatically available in membership CRM software. It is a game changer for your business. 

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The Best Membership CRM Features

Every day, new CRM software is being introduced into the market. A membership CRM can give you a competitive edge over others. If you are a business looking for the best membership CRM features, below are a few to look out for:

Robust Member Profiles

Membership CRM allows you to store all the necessary information in one place to be accessed by all employees easily. Other integrated features include:

Event Attendance

A membership CRM must have the ability to record tickets bought.


Membership CRM should also be able to identify the type of relationships between different members. This connectivity will help understand how members can relate to each other in business.

Membership Level

The most important feature of membership CRM is its discounts, badges, and special permissions once you become a member. You can benefit from these while running a business.

Automatic Member Renewals

A good membership CRM must notify its members when the subscription is ending, or the membership needs to be renewed. The process must be straightforward as running a business is no child’s play, and the members can spend all the time focused on their tasks instead. Membership CRM must have timely reminders that must be recurring and personalized for the members to renew their membership.

Event Management

A good membership CRM must allow you to schedule events online and offline. It must also manage the invites as well as the attendees. Keep a check on who is joining the event and who is not. Everything that goes into event management should be in the control of a good membership CRM!

Analytics and Reporting

Most importantly, a good membership CRM must be able to keep track of all your progress, growth, and highs and lows, and present a CRM analytics report to understand where improvements need to be made in your business. This feature is vital for your organization to succeed.

Benefits of Membership CRM

Member Classification

One benefit of membership CRM is that, especially in CRM nonprofit donor management from various sources, membership CRM organizes and categorizes all the relevant groups. This makes a streamlined process of donation.

Provides A Personalized Experience

Having a personalized experience with your customers will be your business’s game-changer. But this can be difficult as every customer has their preferred communication channel. Fortunately, software like Dynamics 365 centralizes all social media platforms and creates a hub for interacting with all your customers. This is a great membership CRM feature, for sure!

Manage Membership Campaigns

It is easy to get members but retaining those members is challenging. This is where a membership CRM comes in handy. It automatically updates your business on all social media platforms and reaches customers through emails, increasing engagement.

Produce Accurate Reports

Your membership CRM must be able to keep track of your inputs and outputs and then create a report on them. This reporting feature of membership CRM will help you gain accounts more efficiently.

What is the Best CRM for Membership Organizations?

Below is the list of best membership CRM for organizations:

Microsoft Dynamics 365

First up, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your membership CRM, you can manage all your online donations, pledges, events, etc., all in one place. It also provides sophisticated reporting for tracking interactions. 
Here are some reasons why we like them a lot; the best thing about Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your membership CRM is that it allows you to get an insight into your top contributor members. Keep track of this so you can improve work operations with CRM and your profitability with upselling and cross-selling. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can also help increase your organization’s reach to new potential members. 


Salesforce is another membership CRM. This membership CRM allows members to keep track of members and their data, learn about their leads, and manage events. These powerful features help strengthen relationships between members. Salesforce membership CRM is for mid-sized businesses, offering all the relevant features but at an affordable cost for your business.  Here is the reason we like it a lot; it has the best reporting features. It also contains many already available reports. This will help you get a better insight into your members.

Service Hub by Hubspot

A CRM for nonprofits, named Service Hub is the best. It allows members to create web forms, manage member contacts, and create membership directories. What we like about it is that it is designed for small organizations with few employees and has a user-friendly interface. You do not require extensive training to use it—an excellent membership CRM choice for the ordinary person with a mid-sized business. Overall, remember to do your research well before investing in any membership CRM software. 

You do not have to be careless in investing in random software. Take in reviews from various vendors, test the software, and then purchase it. The suitable, affordable membership CRM can uplift your business by bringing in more customers, more sales, and better leads while organizing it into one single hub for all members. Compare the best membership CRM platforms to take maintaining member relationships to the next level.

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