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OnBase Reviews & Overview

What is OnBase?

OnBase by Hyland is an enterprise management system that helps professional businesses organize and manage their content, cases, and processes, all from a single workspace. Users can implement solutions in a single department, or create a company-wide solution that keeps the entire enterprise working cohesively. With this single platform, users can build applications, and support, maintain, and upgrade those applications once they are implemented. There are six key features with OnBase by Hyland: capture, document management, processes, generation and distribution, records management, and integration.

Capture allows users to upload their files through any scanning device as well as a variety of other tools with ease. Create digital images of documents, or turn images into documents that can be edited. The document management tools allow users to revise, get signatures, maintain the most up-to-date versions of any document, and search through file libraries to find exactly what they need in seconds. The processes tool gives users the ability to automate repetitive tasks based on user-defined triggers to streamline workflow. All of the content that is managed within OnBase is mobile accessible, so you and your team can work from anywhere.

Through the document generation and distribution tools, OnBase allows users to do things like mass mailing, or create press releases that pull from your company data. These documents can then be distributed to customers and other recipients. The records management tools keep an audit trail of user action, versions, and automated processes; ensuring that your company is always in compliance with industry regulations. Finally, through the integration tool, OnBase’s enterprise management system can connect with over 500 applications, including the most commonly used office software like Microsoft Office, SAP, and Outlook. Clients can also streamline their workflow even more by requesting custom integrations for their in-house software and applications.

Company:Hyland Software, Inc.

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OnBase Key Features

Document Management
  • Document Preview
  • File annotations
  • Document collaboration
  • Change notifications
  • Electronic signature
  • Custom tags
  • Data migration
File Sharing
  • File transfer
  • Sync
Workflow Management
  • Create custom processes
  • Assignment management
  • Workspaces
  • Workflow automation
Core Specialization
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Version control
  • Manual or automatic backups
  • Granular access permissions
  • Encryption
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OnBase Reviews

Pros & Cons Preview
  • This software is very easy to use and its user interface is very good.
  • Backup feature for all transactions such as invoice generated or sale purchase orders are very useful.
  • Electronic documentation becomes easy with this software.
  • It needs time to learn this software from the customer and administrative point of view.
  • Product documentation was sometimes confusing or did not provide complete details.

OnBase has no reviews yet.

OnBase Usability Score

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The Average Usability score for the Content Management System (CMS) category is 7.6

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  • Meets Requirements
  • Learning Curve
  • Setup & Support
  • Quality of Support
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