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Avaya Experience Platform
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Avaya Experience Platform Reviews & Overview

What is Avaya Experience Platform?

Avaya One CCaaS delivers next-gen possibilities with their All-in-One Multichannel Contact Center Solution for businesses on the edge of innovation. Their services expand beyond traditional telephony models by enabling agents to receive customer contacts via text, IM, email or chat. As more and more customers leave traditional phone calls behind, Avaya’s robust service package allows businesses to keep pace with advances in modern technology and livelihood. Their powerful user interface allows all customer interactions to be managed from a single user interface, reducing call volumes and boosting efficiency while improving the productivity of individual agents and increasing utility.

Full Spectrum Management

Avaya’s software comes pre-loaded with more than 120 real time and historical reports that allow monitoring and tracking of all relevant business and agent productivity statistics. Unique reports can be further customized to particular business needs via a Report Creation Wizard. Supervisors and managers will find rapid access to real-time performance metrics the norm for Avaya’s solutions, maximizing the consumer experience and increasing all-around accountability.

Seamless Business Integration

Deconstruct the silos between contact centers and other business operations via automation and streamlining options made available by Avaya’s adaptable web services. Their top-of-the-line API connects previously separate business process over the internet, end-sourcing to quality of life features such as scheduled callbacks and auto-routing that improve the consumer experience.

Simple Deployment and Visualized Workflows

Avaya’s contact solution benefits from an easy implementation that can be initiated from a single interface for daily management, allowing real-time configuration of agent skill sets and review of performance metrics for rapid organizational response to business needs as they develop. The software’s graphical workflow tool provides an unobstructed view of the customer experience from first contact to resolution in an easy-to-digest format. The GUI is easily modified and improved with a drag-and-drop interface.

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Avaya Experience Platform Pricing

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Avaya Experience Platform Key Features

Reporting & Analytics
  • Text Analytics​
  • Dashboard
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Multiple Location Management
Call Management & Administration
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Speed Dialing
  • IVR
  • Predictive Dialing
  • Preview Dialing
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Speed Dialing
Chat/IM Management
  • Chatbots
  • Bring Your Own Chatbot (BYOC)
After-Sales Service
  • Product Guide/Manual
Automation Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Custom Variables
  • Workflows
  • Reporting
Phone Systems
  • Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)
  • Inbound Calling
Supported Channels
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Voice
  • Chat/IM
Workforce Optimization
  • Performance Management
Call Routing Types
  • Queue-Based Routing
  • Skills-Based Routing
  • Time of Day Routing
Avaya Experience Platform Features Details

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Avaya Experience Platform Reviews

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  • Using it is very easy, programming it from a computer is possible, inputting many different internal and external numbers and transferring calls to them is possible, it has a great feature-the intercom function-you can easily switch to more private calling by just picking up the receiver when you’re speaking with colleagues about quick queries if you’re busy and need to work hands free.
  • To get to messages on the answer phone after having listened to them at once while retaining the client support number, there are very many options and buttons-you’ll spend numerous hours on the internet trying to locate it (the client support number).

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