Why Your Business Needs a CRM with Project Management Tools

Why Your Business Needs a CRM with Project Management Tools

CRM with project management combines the essence of maintaining a great relationship with your new and existing customers, using customer data to drive future campaigns and projects. With the growing need to maintain the best customer service experience and customer loyalty, CRM with project management tools is a must-have system for any business, and should be a key part of your overall CX strategy.

Let’s explore why you should consider implementing a CRM with project management to maximize your business tools.

What is CRM with Project Management?

You may wonder what a CRM has to do with project management. A combination of CRM and project management software allows your customers to have a more seamless experience when inquiring about your products and services by sending in tickets directly for your sales staff to attend to.

With all the knowledge that we possess now about the power of data, collecting vital customer information is key to growing successful interactions and long-lasting relationships with customers.  Customer data is the cornerstone of your business development as this data holds the key to knowing everything there is to know about customer preferences; hence, you can cater to such needs more effectively and embrace the qualities of customer service that will mean the most to your customers. 

When customers can directly send tickets to inquire more about the prices and nuances of your products and services, you can bypass the steps of following up with customers with serious intent to purchase.

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Who Should Use CRM with Project Management Software?

CRM with project management is meant to ultimately service your clients while making it easier for your teams. You must understand that a CRM with project management can only help streamline how you handle new customers and not ponder too much about the cost or any other hurdles to implementation.

It might help to know that a CRM with project management is a two-in-one solution to convert customers effectively and will help your business grow and set a great example of customer experience

What are the Benefits of CRM with Project Management?

  • Cohesive Customer Service Experience

Customers always want to have a frictionless experience when making a purchase. If they have to jump through multiple hurdles to get to know more about your products and services, the chances are that they might give up along the way. CRM with project management would ensure that all leads would be handled effectively to help close more sales. CRM with project management also allows all teams in your business to coordinate to close more sales effectively, thus, building a long-lasting relationship with a new customer.

  • Consolidated Processes

With all information about customers available to all departments with a CRM with project management, employees can work on multiple leads at once while only having to master the use of one application. Consolidating your CRM with project management software into one solution will help you stay lean by saving your business money and resources.

  • Improved Post-Sale Task Management

Once you already have a customer’s attention, you can efficiently attend to tickets created by your CRM with a project management solution. Your sales team will quickly know what tasks and events need to be attended to to nurture leads to convert customers easier to optimize your CRM pipeline for sales. With a CRM with a project management solution, you can create workflows to efficiently nurture new leads and create more business for your company.

  • Enhanced Cross-Department Alignment

With a clearer view of what a customer needs, all relevant teams within your business can collaborate to convert new leads with CRM with project management solutions. There would be much less confusion among departments when using a CRM with a project management solution resulting in seamless customer acquisition and customer service.

What are the Three Main Types of CRM?

CRM software can be used in different ways to fit other businesses.

  • Operational CRM

Operational CRM systems can streamline different business processes to achieve an expected outcome: lead conversion. You can better look at potential leads with an operational CRM with project management to see what steps need to be completed to convert a potential lead.

  • Analytical CRM

With an analytical CRM solution, you can critically analyze data collected by your CRM solution to understand more about customer trends and segments. With this information, you can effectively plan the next steps for your business with a CRM with project management solution.

  • Collaborative CRM

Collaboration between departments within your company is key to converting leads. With all teams having access to all data related to a customer, different teams can take customized approaches to approach customers and efficiently convert leads into customers.

Which is the Best CRM with Project Management?

We have highlighted some key players in the CRM and project management software realm to help you understand more about CRM with project management solutions available on the market.

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is one of the leading cloud-based CRM with available project management solutions. With its effective lead nurturing solutions, you can deploy a CRM with a project management workflow to fit your needs. With a comprehensive view of customer data, all teams can collaborate to nurture and convert more leads using CRM with project management solutions.

  • Monday.com

With user-friendly project templates, Monday.com CRM with project management can automate multiple facets of the customer experience. You can also integrate Monday.com with other software solutions your company uses to manage your business.

  • Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM with project management is well known for its ease of automation. You can easily automate any tasks related to lead nurturing to improve your business. Best of all, Zoho CRM with project management is also one of the most affordable CRM with project management solutions on the market.

Compare the best CRM systems available to narrow down the best CRM with project management for your business.

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