What Are the Best Cloud Based ERP Examples on the Market?

What Are the Best Cloud Based ERP Examples on the Market?

In recent years, more businesses have shifted ERP operations from on-site implementations to cloud based ERP examples. Some of the best ERP software providers now provide a cloud-based iteration, which seems to be the default choice of businesses to implement a new ERP system. Compare the best cloud based ERP examples to select the best one for your organization. 

What Is a Cloud-Based ERP System?

Cloud-based ERP systems are the SaaS (software as a service) version of Enterprise Resource Planning software that businesses can use off-site. Some benefits of cloud based ERP examples include cost savings, better scalability options, and the ability to support your remote workforce while promoting team collaboration. 

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What Is the Difference Between ERP And Cloud ERP? 

Hosted ERP vs. cloud based ERP examples differ mainly in their mode of delivery and storage. On-site ERP solutions maintain operations and backups on-site, while cloud based ERP examples maintain all of their resources on the cloud. This enables cloud based ERP examples users to access their data from anywhere and work remotely. 

Cloud based ERP examples are a great solution to unify businesses that operate from multiple locations. By providing a centralized database of all company data related to financial, customer relationship management, supply chain management, logistics management, and human resources management, cloud based ERP examples can unite all aspects of operations. 

By migrating to cloud based ERP examples from traditional on-premises ERP systems, you can unleash the power of mobility with cloud technology. Cloud based ERP examples can provide your business with a cost-effective subscription on a per-user basis to fit your business at any size or stage.

Why Is Cloud-Based ERP Better?

There are many benefits to using cloud based ERP examples over traditional systems:


Cloud based ERP examples free up more time for you to focus on your business rather than maintaining infrastructure and technology associated with ERP. Employees with authorized access can have a complete overview of your business with interactive dashboards offered by cloud based ERP examples. Best of all, these features of cloud based ERP examples can be accessed from any location, allowing your business to unify operations in different places and maintain a remote workforce. 

Lower Maintenance Costs

Standard ERP systems involve costly maintenance consistently, and cloud based ERP examples can provide automatic updates to ensure that your systems are always up-to-date and protected from outside threats with the latest security updates. 

Faster Implementation

Cloud based ERP examples can be implemented more rapidly compared to traditional systems. Installation requires little to no time and most cloud based ERP examples are user-friendly systems that require minimal user training. With round-the-clock support from vendors selling cloud based ERP examples, your ERP solution will be functional at all times with minimal intervention from your staff. 

Better Disaster Recovery

By maintaining your servers and backups off-site with cloud based ERP examples, you can be assured that your data is safe at all times in case of any data breaches or physical hazards. Best of all, the vendors providing cloud-based ERP solutions are entirely responsible for this. 


Unlike traditional ERP systems that are not permissive to adding new users, cloud based ERP examples offers subscription models on a per-user basis to support businesses of all sizes. On-site ERP systems are not growth-friendly. Hence, you may easily outgrow your ERP system as your business grows. You can add or remove users based on current demand to always plan your business resources efficiently. 

What Is Cloud Based ERP Examples?

With the constant improvements in cloud technology, ERP vendors are moving to the cloud and providing cloud based ERP examples of their products for easier customer access. Among the current cloud based ERP examples, these are some key players:

Acumatica ERP

Acumatica ERP is a popular cloud based ERP example that enables organizations to maintain all aspects of business operations via a single platform. Businesses operating from multiple locations can quickly deploy the Acumatica ERP system to streamline workflows. 

Syspro ERP

Syspro ERP solutions is a perfect, fully integrated cloud based ERP examples to improve operational efficiency within your organization. Cloud-based ERP services can be upgraded as your business grows while keeping maintenance costs down for users. Syspro ERP solutions can easily be integrated with other business solutions used within your organization to streamline business operations with ERP

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a popular cloud based ERP examples that are delivered as a SaaS product with over 30,000 users worldwide. Its accounting features are highly sought after by enterprises looking to upgrade their bookkeeping software to fully-fledged ERP software. Sage Intacct is a preferred ERP provider for professional service companies, accounting firms, non-profit organizations, and businesses in the hospitality industry to streamline business processes. 

The Best Cloud Based ERP Examples for Small Business

While there are many cloud based ERP examples, one seems to dominate the competition. 

Oracle NetSuite

The best cloud based ERP examples, hands down, is Oracle NetSuite ERP solutions. With the trust of over 40,000 organizations worldwide, NetSuite continues to dominate cloud-based ERP marketing with its continuous innovations to beat out the competition. While the main customers of NetSuite are larger enterprises, they have introduced new, more scalable product options to fit businesses of all sizes. 

NetSuite cloud-based ERP is a full suite of financial management, human resources management, supply chain management, logistics management, and customer relationships management in one solution to streamline the way your business can grow. With built-in intelligence features, Oracle NetSuite is a perfect cloud-based ERP example that guides companies through business trends to provide the right tools to build your business strategically. 

Choosing the right ERP solution should be taken seriously. Consider all the relevant personnel that would use your chosen cloud based ERP examples and plan on inviting those people to the ERP purchase discussions. If you believe it is time to update your ERP system to a cloud based ERP examples, compare the best cloud based ERP examples to make your decision easier. 

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