How ERP Companies Can Help Streamline Your Business

How ERP Companies Can Help Streamline Your Business

As businesses grow and expand, managing all resources in a centralized database is necessary. This is where the best ERP companies come to its aid and help streamline all company resources under one software solution. Let’s explore what the best ERP companies can offer to modern businesses to improve how businesses function. 

What Are ERP Companies?

ERP companies provide business solutions for organizations to organize and manage resources among multiple departments. With the help of ERP solutions from ERP companies, businesses can have access to accurate data to help conduct better business. ERP companies have evolved over the years to improve their capabilities, and many ERP companies now offer cloud-based ERP solutions that can streamline business processes from wherever your workforce may be. ERP companies also provide customizable solutions to their customers depending on each business’s unique needs. Read more to learn about what ERP companies can do for your business. 

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What Does an ERP Do for A Company?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software refers to software solutions that allow companies to manage and integrate parts of their businesses to help all vital departments communicate with each other. ERP companies can help streamline planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and other essential company functions while sharing all company data with each department to maintain transparency. 

Careful ERP implementation by ERP companies is crucial to the success of how ERP works for business process improvement and automation. With correct usage, ERP companies can help businesses adapt to changes in the market or even internal operational disruptions allowing the organization to adjust accordingly. 

How Is ERP Different From CRM?

Businesses usually tend to rely on both ERP companies and CRM companies to help manage their business. The main difference in the ERP vs. CRM debate is that ERP companies help business manage their financial data, which the finance departments mainly use. In contrast, CRM companies provide solutions to collect customer data used by sales, marketing, and customer service departments. Some ERP companies offer solutions that carry a CRM component but not all do. However, ERP companies and CRM solutions can be integrated to provide data cohesion on a company-wide level. 

What Are The 6 Main Benefits of ERP?

While ERP companies offer many businesses solutions that help streamline business processes. Below are 6 advantages of using cloud ERP solutions in business

Cost Savings

ERP companies provide solutions that can save businesses nearly 25% on operational costs when implemented correctly. A well-planned business using solutions by ERP companies can better manage their resources and avoid costly delays in production/deliveries. With better inventory planning, your procurement team can predict necessities better, stay on top of procurement management, and avoid unnecessary delays within your business. 

Also, the ability to coordinate multiple departments using ERP solutions eliminates the need for various software solutions with recurring costs of licenses, updates, and training to maintain. 

Improve Accuracy and Productivity

ERP companies provide solutions for business owners to automate business processes and reduce redundancies. With accurate real-time data shared among all departments, businesses can be more productive without clashing with each other. Important ERP 101 strategies for successful implementation can ensure that your ERP solution will be used effectively by your workforce. 

Improve Reporting

With access to accurate data, businesses can effectively budget, forecast, and communication the status of processes with the relevant parties. For example, project managers can make decisions about the deadlines of projects using accurate data from the ERP companies' systems. Before ERP companies created convenient solutions to manage company functions, managers had to resort to manual records for information. 

Increase Efficiency

With quick access to company information, ERP companies facilitate businesses to provide easy solutions to employees to manage their job roles. This helps ERP companies improve the overall job satisfaction for employees. Satisfied employees can perform their functions more efficiently and pass on the business benefits to the organization and its customers.

Improve Collaboration

ERP companies offer business solutions that enable companies to improve internal communication and collaborate with access to accurate information. ERP companies also eliminate the need for manual tasks, allowing employees to spend more time being productive instead of worrying about time-consuming data entry tasks. Hence, the best approach for gathering ERP requirements is to consult with all departments before implementation. 

Better Customer Service

Again, with an accurate overview of your business using ERP companies' solutions, your employees will have better access to customer information while enabling them to provide customer service with better accuracy and speed. With proper execution, ERP companies can improve the on-time delivery of their services to enhance customer satisfaction levels. 

Who Is the Largest ERP Provider?

Competition among ERP companies may be steep, but we have narrowed down the three best ERP companies available currently for your convenience:


SAP ERP software is a comprehensive business management system that integrates all operations within a business. It is currently one of the most popular ERP companies worldwide when considering its market share in the ERP realm. SAP ERP solution contains a financial module for financial supply chain management, an operations module to manage quality assurance, material management, production planning, sales, distribution, and logistics functions, and a human resources management module for payroll functions. 

SAP ERP solutions can easily be upgraded as your company expands, but it can even serve an SME efficiently with its cost-efficient plans. 

Oracle ERP

Oracle ERP companies are world-renowned for their strengths in data and infrastructure systems. Oracle provides cloud-based ERP solutions to provide portable ERP solutions for decentralized businesses while assuring the highest security standards and virtually no downtime. Oracle features multiple ERP products: Oracle Fusion Applications, PeopleSoft Enterprise, Oracle E-Business Suite, and JD Edwards Enterprise, as a result of acquiring different ERP companies to suit the needs of their customers. 

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct ERP solutions provide their users with cloud-based ERP software as a SaaS product. Sage ERP is perfect for businesses of all sizes that carry out any function seeking to streamline their financial procedures without undertaking the crazy costs of implementing an ERP system. 

If you want more information about the best ERP companies available, consult our ERP software page to compare the best ERP software vendors in the market. 

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