The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using CRM Monday

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using CRM Monday

With CRM Monday, you can easily capture leads with custom work forms. Ease and accuracy for the sales team offered by the best CRM software, such as CRM Monday, allow businesses to manage contact lists and monitor the entire sales pipeline. Some critical functionalities of the CRM Monday include tracking deals and their progress across customized and visually appealing dashboards, choosing from multiple view options to follow a lead’s journey across the sales pipeline, and maintaining easily accessible and centralized data and information for all teams.

Read on to learn more about the best CRM software vendors and the pros and cons of CRM Monday.

What is CRM Monday?

An intuitive system like CRM Monday simplifies leads for the sales and marketing teams. It provides easily accessible information to the customer support teams to assist the clients better. CRM Monday is a  sales CRM component. It is a cloud-based and easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management solution offered by the CRM platform to transform the user experience. CRM Monday can track the entire sales pipeline, obtain actionable and valuable insights into work processes, classify leads based on their status in the customer journey, improve customer onboarding, and work on customer projects. 

It is simple to set up and allows users to create a CRM platform that is fully tailored to the needs of their organization. CRM Monday can build a centralized customer database that offers all the relevant and essential profile information, record and track customer complaints until resolution, and design thriving lead generation strategies and marketing campaigns. Team leads and managers can access this information from the cloud and give access permissions to the relevant team members. 

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Is Monday a Free CRM?

Monday CRM has five tiers: Monday Individual, Monday Basic, Monday Standard, Monday Pro, and Monday Enterprise. The first, ‘Monday Individual’ is free for two users. However, the other four tiers of Monday CRM are not free. Monday Basic has a monthly cost of $14 per user, Monday Standard is $17 per user, and Monday Pro is $27 per user. Monday Enterprise has custom pricing based on the size and requirements of the client’s business.

Advantages of CRM Monday

Since CRM Monday is not an on-site solution, the client’s data is consolidated and stored in the cloud. Sales reps using CRM Monday can cater to customer calls and real-time access information on the go. CRM Monday improves lead capturing, contact management, and tracking of sales pipelines to provide an enhanced customer experience.

Another benefit of CRM Monday is its visual project boards that allow users to track the sales funnel every step of the way. CRM Monday offers diverse functionalities catering to several needs within a workspace. 

  • With CRM Monday, client management is easy as you can store and update clients’ contact information and relevant documents and organize client data as it suits your needs. 
  • It is user-friendly, and navigation through it requires minimum effort.
  • Users can apply formulas in CRM Monday to modify and display insightful data.
  • Identifying your daily, weekly, and monthly stats is convenient with CRM Monday as it enables appropriate, tabular data organization. 

Disadvantages of CRM Monday

  • CRM Monday requires more availability to trigger actions within itself.  
  • The recent addition of limited access to specific boards should allow a ‘view only’ option for particular team members and restrict them from making edits. 
  • CRM Monday requires extensive workarounds to run agile sprints.
  • Reporting capabilities are minimal.
  • Automations are limited.

How to Compare the Best CRM Software

To find a Customer Relationship Management Solution like CRM Monday, it is necessary to conduct thorough comparisons with alternatives. Three ultimate factors to consider while comparing solutions like CRM Monday are the solution pricing, the functionalities and features, and expert reviews.

Finding a solution like CRM Monday from a saturated pool of 600+ CRM vendors in the market is an intimidating job. Business owners can only extensively try out each of the available options. The most practical way to compare a few shortlisted alternatives is via a thorough analysis of your top choices, such as CRM Monday.

Enlist the must-have features before shortlisting your options to ensure you only compare those CRM whose features align with your business goals. These features may include email templates, email tracking, ng and scheduling, contact, and lead management, lead scoring, marketing automation, contact information storage, call recording, premium customer support, etc. 

Through comparisons and expert reviews of CRM Monday and alternatives, you can obtain actionable insights into the software and save effort and time that would otherwise be spent on test runs. The essential lines to work over while  choosing the best CRM software vendor for your business are: 

Familiarizing With the CRM Vendor

On your hunt for a customer relationship management solution like CRM Monday, it is essential to gain a thorough understanding of the vendor, their business values, motto, and their target customer. This will ensure you sign up with a worthy partner. 


Solutions like CRM Monday enable users to organize customer data and sales processes with an automated approach. Automation eliminates redundancies and reduces customer response time. Therefore, it’s a crucial factor when comparing CRM. 

Features and User Experience

Evaluate your shortlisted choices for their functionalities as clients utilize CRM to generate maximum customer satisfaction and revenue. This makes it essential to consider the range of features and user experience. 

Support Quality

Vendor support is critical during technical faults and breakdowns. Compare how long the support staff of different CRM vendors take to respond and how much each of them charges for support.


You don’t want to cross your budget and suffer in terms of finances. Comparing the pricing factor is vital before you sign up. 

Mobile Accessibility 

Mobile accessibility is a priority! Whether you opt for CRM Monday or an alternative, check this off your list. 

The investment decision in a solution like CRM Monday must not be stand-alone but must be made after input from the sales team and all other stakeholders. Including all the relevant reps in the buying decision and considering their valuable insights will ensure you make the right choice and pay for a solution that your team members will utilize.

Use our CRM software page to guide you through selecting the best CRM vendors by comparing CRM vendors with CRM Monday.

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