Switch to Cloud Based ERP Software for Small Business

Switch to Cloud Based ERP Software for Small Business

As a small business owner, finding an efficient way to manage all your operations is essential. Utilizing the best cloud based ERP software can improve efficiencies, save money and help expand your company.

Cloud based ERP software should be tailored to your business requirements and can be enhanced over time as your organization expands. Furthermore, cloud based ERP software makes integration with other business systems much more uncomplicated.


Cloud based ERP software offers a cost-effective solution to help your company reduce IT and maintenance expenses. Furthermore, these cloud based ERP software solutions eliminate the need for specialized hardware and server software that may be challenging to install or update. 

Cloud based ERP software systems are scalable and user-friendly for remote workers, which is essential in today's business climate where employees often work from home or other offsite locations. Your employees will have access to any data needed from anywhere, boosting productivity levels while offering them greater flexibility with cloud based ERP software solutions. 

Cloud based ERP software solutions also save time and resources by automating administrative tasks that need to be handled in-house. By automating these activities, your team can focus on more important matters, like identifying new growth prospects and crafting the business' overall strategy with cloud based ERP software.

Cloud computing is more cost-effective than an on-premise system, making it ideal for smaller businesses with fewer employees and limited funds. Furthermore, cloud based ERP software enables businesses to scale up as they expand without investing in additional hardware.

One of cloud based ERP software's most significant advantages is its built-in disaster recovery capabilities. These services help small businesses avoid downtime and restore operations in case of an outage. Furthermore, these solutions back up data across multiple locations, guaranteeing that no single failure point exists within the cloud based ERP software.

Cloud based ERP software solutions offer security and compliance with a range of industry standards and regulations. Cloud based ERP software can safeguard your company's sensitive data through complex file encryption and multi-factor authentication while guaranteeing high levels of cloud based ERP software system uptime and providing daily backups of your data - invaluable if any downtime occurs. 

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Cloud based ERP software for small businesses ERP offers numerous advantages to companies of all sizes. Perhaps the most significant is its flexibility; it can be quickly implemented, requires minimal upkeep, and easily adjust according to evolving business needs. Flexibility can save money and time while giving your team a more productive and efficient way to complete daily tasks. It also helps keep track of important information like inventory or supply chain management, allowing all operations to run more smoothly.

Cloud based ERP software can be accessed from anywhere, so you won't have to worry about data loss during a disaster or theft. Plus, staff have real-time information at their fingertips through laptops, smartphones, or tablet devices at any time. Cloud-based ERP is also easier to customize and integrate than on-premise systems, as most allow for module additions/deletions as your business requirements change. Furthermore, some cloud-based systems may even integrate with other management applications like CRM or BI.

Making the most of your investment in ERP can help maximize its benefits by allowing you to take advantage of new opportunities. Utilizing a unified platform for managing finances, logistics, and inventory allows for informed growth decisions. The versatility of cloud based ERP software can be utilized by remote employees and contractors, which has numerous advantages for your company and any workers you hire. This aspect is crucial as it allows you to build strong teams around the globe while keeping costs low. 


Scalability is one of the critical benefits of cloud based ERP software. They enable businesses to expand more efficiently and rapidly since users can expand their functionality as their needs change. Cloud based ERP software helps small businesses avoid overpaying for software they don't require or overspending on hardware that cannot keep up with growth plans. 

Businesses can reduce their energy expenses since they don't need to cover server maintenance or power - an excellent benefit for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Cloud based ERP software is particularly attractive for small businesses with limited resources.

Conversely, on-premise ERP systems require significant work to keep up with. This includes regularly updating the system, adding features and modules, and monitoring security risks. This extensive process takes up valuable resources if you run an on-premises ERP system for your small business.

Cloud based ERP software takes care of these system maintenance and upgrades responsibilities for you, eliminating the need for a company to have its own IT team. This guarantees that all systems always have up-to-date software patches applied.

Many cloud based ERP software vendors provide subscription-based pricing plans in which companies pay a monthly or annual fee to access their system and its functions. This model makes it simpler for companies to budget their annual expenditures, knowing that they only pay for what is actually necessary.

On-premises ERP systems may go down due to issues with the network or servers; businesses can hire consultants for the management of these issues; however, this may come at a cost. Cloud based ERP software vendors update their systems frequently, guaranteeing they remain up-to-date and compatible with the most cutting-edge technology.

A comprehensive cloud based ERP software suite should include an integrated project management tool to assist with planning and completing projects on schedule and within budget. It should also offer a dashboard for tracking progress throughout the process.


Cloud based ERP software for small businesses offers a great solution to businesses seeking to increase productivity and profitability. It is scalable, offering access to various business applications that anyone can access remotely with an Internet connection - this means your employees have full access to all their information on any device, such as mobile phones or tablets.

It is essential to take cloud based ERP software security measures in place so your data remains safe from hackers and other potential threats. Here are a few tips for securing your ERP system:

  • When feasible, utilize two-factor authentication (MFA) across the board to reduce the risk of exposures caused by compromised personal passwords or malware attacks that expose business credentials when using cloud based ERP software. 
  • Another way to protect your cloud based ERP software data is by regularly updating the software. Doing this can help shield against exploiting any new vulnerabilities that may arise. 
  • Using the most up-to-date cloud based ERP software technology also ensures your business stays abreast of industry changes. 

Many cloud based ERP software providers automatically include security updates as part of their service, allowing customers to enable these patches as soon as they become available. Doing this can save time and money in the long run while minimizing disruptions to your business operations.

In addition to these security measures, cloud based ERP software solutions typically follow stringent security policies that ensure compliance with federal and state regulations. These may include encryption, access management, and more. Many top cloud based ERP software providers proactively update their systems to meet the most up-to-date regulatory demands. This can be especially advantageous for businesses that must abide by HIPPA or GDPR laws.

Security of cloud based ERP software data is a top priority for many businesses, yet these challenges can be minimized with the appropriate ERP solutions and strategies. These security measures are essential regardless of whether your cloud based ERP software system resides on-premises or in the cloud.

Cloud based ERP software is an excellent way to save your business money and boost productivity. Plus, it gives small businesses the flexibility to expand as needed. Compare the best cloud based ERP software before switching to cloud computing.  

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