Having an ERP Online Can Slash Costs and Boost Productivity

Having an ERP Online Can Slash Costs and Boost Productivity

While ERP vendors promise streamlined workflows and increased transparency of data across the organization, an ERP online can significantly increase access to the ERP system you eventually purchase. Characteristic of cloud ERP systems, an ERP online typically includes a web-based console that offers access to the application from anywhere and at any time - provided users are connected to the internet.

However, an ERP online goes beyond meeting the key goals of ERP in general; it is a tool that can facilitate customized workflows and real-time updates for employees across the organization, without ever having to install any software or configure any physical IT infrastructure. Understanding the benefits of ERP online can therefore pave the way for your business to adopt an ERP system that isn’t just attuned to specific needs, but can be scaled as required, in the future.

In addition to providing the key features of an ERP, an ERP online is versatile enough to grow with your business. Unlike their on-premise counterparts, ERP online vendors can upgrade their software on the cloud itself, so all their users can unanimously receive the latest version of the application via a web based console.

ERP Online Features and Benefits

Centralized and Web Based Console

Since an ERP online is based on the cloud, it can be conveniently accessed with a centralized, web based console via a quick login. This way, implementing an ERP becomes a smoother endeavor as no software installation is needed, and all users in the organization have access to the ERP online, either via the web, or a mobile app (provided the ERP online vendor offers one). Mobile apps can also be gateways to employee self-service, so users who are out on the field can log time and update tasks into the ERP online while they’re on the go.

Owing to a web based console that is offered via a SaaS model, ERP online applications can enable the implementation and customization of ERP in small business settings with greater ease and speed. This also enables small businesses to scale their ERP online more effectively, as a SaaS subscription can be conveniently expanded to include more users and functionalities.

Workflow Automation

Numerous cloud software providers now offer low-code/no-code workflow builders - and ERP online is no exception. Customizing workflows is a key method of customizing an ERP, whether it’s by creating rules for assigning tasks to the correct person automatically, or tailoring an entire workflow via a drag-and-drop interface. An ERP online, if integrated with AI and machine learning, can offer intelligent workflow recommendations based on past activity, so users can benefit from extra assistance as they go about their daily duties.

Role Based Access and Permissions

An ERP online is accessible by every user from a web based console or mobile app, while also being the hub for recording and displaying real-time information. For these reasons, enabling Role Based Access Control (RBAC) is an integral component of ERP online, so users across varying job roles and departments can be offered access only to what is relevant and required. For example, building data visualizations to suit different users can be facilitated via RBAC, since different users can access analytics depending on their job responsibilities - and also to shield otherwise confidential data from those to whom it may not be relevant.

Real-Time Analytics

Leading ERP online applications can facilitate real-time analytics that can offer your entire organization the insights needed on both a macro and micro level. If your company is already using a suitable third-party analytics platform or business intelligence software, top ERP online vendors can integrate these tools into the core ERP online application, so you can continue to rely on the insights that you’ve been using to aid important business decisions.

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ERP Online Integrations for Seamless Workflows

An ERP integration can generally be a long and intricate process, since errors can lead to unusable applications, data or both. While the complexities surrounding an ERP integration are always a major factor of consideration, integration within an ERP online can significantly ease and streamline the process of connecting third-party applications to share data and close business silos. 

Such convenience is attributed to many top ERP online vendors cementing partnerships with external software vendors well ahead in advance, depending on whether their applications complement their ERP online solution, and/or due to user demand. Any integrations that are unavailable in the app marketplace can still be facilitated by the best ERP online vendors, while any ERP implementation and training tips are covered for users to continue interacting with the applications that are optimal for their business responsibilities.

ERP Online Customization for Growing Businesses

With ERP online typically offering applications on a SaaS basis, implementing and customizing one becomes easier than an on-premise ERP which requires separate product installations. Tiered pricing that is characteristic of a SaaS model is particularly useful for implementing an ERP for small business settings, since smaller businesses can begin with a minimal investment and then scale as their needs grow. 

Thanks to cloud computing, ERP online is a convenient possibility as no physical infrastructure is required for vendors or users to select, deploy and maintain an ERP system. As a result, this significantly streamlines the reasons to undertake an ERP, as factors relating to physical infrastructure need not be considered (or be considered at a minimum). 

While the ease and simplicity associated with SaaS products is usually geared towards small businesses, larger organizations also stand to benefit from ERP online applications. Fast, easy and error-free implementation of an ERP system are desirable ERP benefits for any business, irrespective of size or industry.

However, larger organizations may be able to take ERP customization to an advanced level, by hiring an ERP consultant and soliciting their advice on both choosing and customizing the best ERP online system. By investing in external (yet reliable) guidance, businesses can gear their ERP online systems to not only serve daily operational processes, but also contribute to eventual bottom line profitability.

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