Scale Up Your Business with Cloud ERP Small Business

Scale Up Your Business with Cloud ERP Small Business

Cloud ERP small business has revolutionized what small businesses can accomplish with cloud technology. The cloud-based iteration of the best ERP software has made ERP more accessible to small to medium businesses. Let us learn how the best cloud ERP small business systems can exponentially speed up your business’s growth. 

Can ERP Be Used for Small Business?

You may think ERP solutions are only meant for larger enterprises or that they are meant for businesses involved in manufacturing or other specialized industries. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Don’t be intimidated when you hear ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ In fact, cloud ERP small business is the perfect solution to consolidate all vital business processes into one cloud solution. 

Cloud ERP small business provides a full suite of tools to manage the company finances, inventory management, supply chain management, human resources management, and customer relationship management aspects of a business using a centralized tool. And best of all, since cloud ERP small business, as the name suggests, resides in the cloud, your employees would have access to essential business data on their mobile devices wherever they are. 

Larger businesses learned of the benefits of ERP as they had to scale up and learn how to manage all resources, but that does not mean that cloud ERP small business wouldn’t be of much use at a smaller scale. Introducing cloud ERP small business to your business in its early stages will help ease the transition to more complex industrial solutions as your business scales. 

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What Is the Difference Between ERP And Cloud ERP Small Business?

There are a few key differences between ERP vs. cloud ERP deployment:

Cost Savings

On average, cloud ERP small business costs are 30% lower than their on-site counterpart due to the reduced cost of installation, maintenance, and infrastructure cost. When using cloud ERP for small business, the ERP vendor is responsible for all maintenance required, and they host your database on their servers to reduce the in-house IT support needed to service an on-premise ERP solution. Cloud ERP small business can also be used on any device with an internet connection, further reducing the costs associated with equipment to access the ERP system. 

System Upgrades

On-premise ERP solutions are not scalable versions for growing businesses. This could mean your business can be stuck with an outdated ERP solution that no longer serves your business at its current growth stage. Meanwhile, cloud ERP small business offers businesses more freedom in scaling their solutions up or down depending on demand. New users can easily be accommodated via an upgraded subscription plan. 


Mobility is a major reason to undertake ERP. Cloud ERP small business is a highly accessible business solution that can be used on the go. Whereas on-site ERP solutions can only be used on-premises and don’t offer flexible solutions for business on the go.


While it may seem like on-premise ERP solutions may have to cloud ERP small business beat on this frontier, high-speed internet connections have given cloud-based solutions similar performance levels to their on-site counterparts. With consistent upgrades by the cloud ERP small business provider, you can be assured of the best-performing SaaS product at all times. 

Benefits Of Cloud ERP Small Business

Here are some of the main advantages of opting for cloud ERP small business: 

No Upfront Implementation Costs

Cloud ERP small business can be deployed quickly without the severe upfront costs associated with on-premise ERP solutions. 

Improved Accessibility

With access to your cloud ERP small business from anywhere, you can move to a hybrid workplace model or endorse remote work to lower overhead costs associated with maintaining an office space. 

Better Security

Cloud ERP small business vendors provide automatic updates to maintain security compliance, unlike on-site solutions. On-site solutions require IT intervention to perform manual system updates, and there may be significant system downtime. Cloud ERP small business experiences virtually no downtime thanks to automatic updates applied by the vendor server side. 

Better Backup

With cloud ERP small business, the vendor would maintain the servers off-site in a secure location, and your data backups will be stored off-site in case of disaster to your premises. This would ensure that everything runs smoothly in accessing your cloud ERP small business in case of an emergency. 

Who Is the Largest Cloud ERP Small Business Provider?


SAP S/4HANA ERP solution is a popular solution among larger enterprises, and now it has become one of the largest cloud ERP small business vendors in the market. With specialized and customizable ERP solutions for businesses of any size, SAP ERP solutions can be integrated with other products in their business suite for more cohesion within your company. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solutions offer affordable cloud ERP small business at all stages of your businesses. With scalable ERP solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses familiar office applications such as Excel and PowerPoint for better product integration and limitless scalability options. There are many different products by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and product integrations no matter what size your business is.  

What Is the Best Cloud ERP Small Business?


NetSuite is the leading cloud ERP small business with over 40,000 subscribers worldwide. With its full suite of ERP products, including financial management, supply chain management, logistics management, HR management, and CRM functions, NetSuite enables businesses of all sizes to harness their true potential. With the convenience of cloud-based technology, you can access NetSuite applications from wherever you conduct business. 

You can sit back and focus on growing your small business by automating all planning processes. Once your business does scale up, NetSuite ERP solutions have a full array of scalable ERP options that will fit your business at any size.  

If your small business is ready to adopt ERP software and is looking for the best cloud ERP small business solutions, look no further than our ERP software pages. Compare the best ERP vendors on the need to ensure that your select the best one that fits your budget and business requirements. 

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