How Much Should You Offer as a Brand Manager Salary?

How Much Should You Offer as a Brand Manager Salary?

Gaining a competitive edge in the market and securing a loyal customer base is as challenging as it gets. Hiring a good brand manager and offering the right brand manager salary enables businesses to advertise and promote their offerings in a way that rightly portrays their core values and resonates with the targeted audience. Here we aim to enlighten those aspiring to become brand managers about the role of the job and how well it pays when automated with the best HR software.  

What Does a Brand Manager Do?

So is the work behind a brand manager salary plenty and of considerable significance to the brand’s image? The answer is yes. While the brand manager salary might interest potential candidates, knowing what goes into making that money is essential. Typically, a brand manager uses customer data and research statistics obtained from studies of trends. The brand manager uses this data to create strategies that will change and define how the brand is perceived by the public.  

The work behind the brand manager salary involves supervising designs, events, and advertisements. Retailers, manufacturers, private and public sector organizations, charities, and marketing agencies offer jobs and the brand manager salary to successful candidates. The brand managers can work at either a marketing agency or in-house at an organization. Working in-house means the brand manager gets paid their brand manager salary by one organization whose brand image is their solo work while working for an agency means catering to several projects for multiple clients simultaneously. 

The work that adds up to the brand manager salary includes being responsible for the consistency in campaign management and advertisements so that a harmonious message gets through to the customers. The key responsibilities in return for the brand manager salary  include the following: 

  • Conducting market research to stay updated with current customer trends.
  • Devising strategies for marketing campaigns across multiple media channels to grasp customers' interest and build brand credibility and image. 
  • Supervising product design and advertisements and ensuring consistency in the message being broadcasted. 
  • Evaluating the success of marketing campaigns.
  • Creating reports about the results of campaigns. 
  • Managing budgets and collaborating with the team of junior assistants.
  • Meeting with clients to understand their goals and values. 
  • Collaborating with colleagues across multiple departments.
  • Organizing exhibitions and product launch to provide a unique customer experience.
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What are the Most Important Qualities of an Effective Brand Manager?

Those tempted by the figures of a brand manager salary must note down the critical skills employers seek in candidates. The essential qualities needed to make the right hiring decisions so that a good firm can hire him and pay him a decent brand manager salary are: 

  • Analytical skills.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Understanding and awareness of current trends.
  • The ability to respond to customers’ expectations and requirements.
  • Creative streak.
  • The ability to present original yet innovative ideas.
  • Skills for teamwork.
  • Ability to allocate and manage budgets.
  • Communication skills.
  • Experience in market research.
  • Time and project management skills.
  • Strategic thinking capacity.

Besides these skills, employers look for specific qualifications and training criteria in candidates before they agree on a decent brand manager salary. Aspiring brand managers who still need to finish school can specialize in brand marketing via a marketing apprenticeship. At the same time, graduates can specialize in brand marketing as a component of a broader marketing graduate program. Recruiters generally prefer graduates with majors such as accounting, marketing, and business studies. 

If you have all these skills and meet the qualification criteria, you only need to land a job at a reputable organization to earn a handsome brand manager salary. Keep looking for target jobs by joining recruitment portals such as and LinkedIn, and build your presence there. Apply filters and find vacancies with a Job Description that suits you, an approximate offer for a brand manager salary that you agree with, and keep applying. 

Does Brand Management Pay Well?

While brand management may sound fascinating to those aspiring to join the marketing world and help brands achieve their goals, it comes with many responsibilities. The brand manager salary, however, is a decent sum. Brand managers come after product development and play a vital role in their organizations/agencies. To compensate for their contributions to building the brands’ name and reputation, their employers pay them a good amount as brand manager salary.

Brand managers are responsible for ensuring that the products, product lines, and services offered by their employers are advertised and promoted to align with the business's core values yet resonate well with the target audience. To make this possible, brand managers need to regularly track the current market trends in their niche product, learn from the mistakes of advertising efforts made by rival firms, and closely monitor their competing products' performance and marketing style. One who does all that and provides positive outcomes can expect increases in their brand manager salary. 

Typically, brand managers act as the point person for the designing, development, and execution of marketing initiatives for that brand. Successful managers making a decent brand manager salary know how to manage the 4 Ps of marketing: Product, Placement, Price, and Promotion. Efficiency on the part of a good brand manager puts these 4 Ps on autopilot and enables them to take one of the best seats on the table. 

Considering everything a brand manager is responsible for, businesses value their dedication and efforts, which is why effective brand management and business growth is generally a well-paying area. Of course, salary packages offered by different brands vary, but here are the figures of average sums paid as brand manager salary by some of the top US companies: 

  • Average brand manager salary offered by Clorox Company: $120,300
  • Average brand manager salary offered by Dell: $105,000
  • Average brand manager salary offered by Kimberly Clark: $119,000
  • Average brand manager salary provided by Kraft Heinz Company: $127,600
  • Average brand manager salary offered by MillerCoors: $121,500
  • Average brand manager salary provided by Nestle Purina: $120,500
  • Average brand manager salary offered by PepsiCo: $119,800
  • Average brand manager salary offered by Proctor and Gamble: $137,400
  • Average brand manager salary provided by Ralph Lauren: $64,100
  • Average brand manager salary offered by Starbucks: $120,300

What is the Average Brand Manager Salary?

Depending on the years of experience, employer company, and industry, the average brand manager salary in the US typically ranges between $65,000 and $100,000 per annum.

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