Best Open Source Applicant Tracking Systems for Recruiting

Best Open Source Applicant Tracking Systems for Recruiting

Applicant tracking software (ATS) can streamline the recruitment process and ensure you hire the right staff to keep up with your growing demands. 

As your company grows, it will be necessary to hire new talent to keep up with the growing demand. Keeping up with all the candidates applying for each job can be a daunting task for your human resources department. What if there is an easy tool to help you track all the applicants for new jobs in your company?

What Does an Applicant Tracking System Do?

Applicant tracking software (ATS) refers to software that helps your organization manage its hiring process, and to third-party services which provide you with an interface so that they can handle your hiring processes on your behalf. ATS software is often thought of as one of the types HR software, and while it's included in larger HR suites as a feature set, there are also point solutions for just managing recruiting and tracking. 

Open source ATS solutions, which make their source code public, generally fall into the third-party service category. Open-source recruitment ATS solutions are a great choice for entrepreneurs and small businesses, and in some cases for larger organizations with their own IT departments. It allows your business to post job adverts across multiple social media platforms to enhance the reach of your recruitment campaigns. 

Applicant tracking systems are similar to customer relationship management software but are geared solely for recruitment purposes. ATS software can also be able to provide comprehensive reports to give you an analysis of the campaigns. 

Because an open-source applicant tracking system rarely comes with dedicated support (especially if it’s a free solution), they’re best utilized for simpler or smaller tasks or managed by IT professionals.

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Why are Applicant Tracking Systems Important?

In today’s highly competitive environments, many companies find themselves flooded with resumes and applications for every position. You need to keep up with HR innovations and trends with a good ATS program so that you can sift through these applicants to sort the wheat from the pile and strengthen your business.

Most ATS products organizes information about applicants for any jobs that your company may have and makes it searchable. An ATS system can also automate job postings to help you stay on schedule so that you are assured of consistent hires during your recruitment periods. 

Here are some of the best open source applicant tracking systems we’ve found:

Clear Company

ClearCompany’s long-standing presence in the applicant tracking field has led to thousands of happy clients. Enabling organizations to hire based on their vision, mission, and goals, ClearCompany ensures business objectives are always in line with the quality of candidates that are being attracted via targeted job postings and campaigns.

Key Features of ClearCompany:

  • Application management
  • Applicant tracking
  • Jobs board integration
  • Resume database
  • Reports and analysis
  • Social media integration
  • New employee portal
  • Reporting suite

The reporting and analytics capabilities offered by ClearCompany further help leverage this purpose, since the right metrics will evaluate whether campaigns have been successful, for iterating and improving hiring processes; it is important to always hire the best possible candidate for the job.  Their convenient all in one dashboard can keep remote employees well engaged, while also staying compliant with leading guidelines.  ClearCompany also features excellent customer support and implementation support to ensure that you always have help when using their applicant tracking system.


Built for recruiters, CATS is a full-scale cloud-based applicant tracking solution that offers the latest technologies to source high-quality candidates. Scalable for organizations of all sizes, CATS possesses a global portfolio, with thousands of companies relying on their systems for candidate hiring and management.

Key Features of CATS:

  • Applications management
  • Applicant tracking
  • Jobs board integration
  • Resume database
  • API

The CRM capabilities provided by CATS helps leverage client relationships while automating the hiring process through mass email campaigns that can target the right candidates at the right time. Integrate with leading third-party email marketing platforms, so you can bridge the gap between multiple existing systems within your organization.

CATS provides customized reports to help you track the success rates of campaigns on leading job boards and social media platforms. It also can be accessed from any browser, desktop or phone, to make the recruitment process even more accessible whenever needed. CATS is one of the most affordable options on the market right now with excellent customer support.


JazzHR is a candidate sourcing and management system that is flexible enough to be customized for any business. While custom configuration helps scale the applicant tracking software based on unique requirements, companies can still be quickly up and running after signup. 

Key features of JazzHR:

  • Job management
  • Collect resumes from attachments
  • Social media integration
  • Resume searches
  • New employee portal
  • Reports

The applicant tracking system’s automated workflows can control the administrative aspect of the hiring process, so managers can shift their focus toward the human element of recruiting. Furthermore, integrate with existing departmental software such as HR, to create a seamless workflow and eliminate silos in your workspace.

JazzHR features customizable affordable packages that can help you hire the right people needed for your growing team without breaking the bank.

Choose the Right ATS Solution Today

Applicant tracking systems have revolutionized the hiring field and continue to make the task of recruiting easier for any sized company. Finding the perfect ATS solution for your company means knowing what you need and knowing what’s out there.

The best applicant tracking software solution could propel your hiring process to new and exciting heights, while the wrong one might increase turnover and lead to misspent resources.

It’s critical that you do your research and make a choice that truly suits your company’s needs. The right choice doesn’t have to be complex, and it doesn’t have to be expensive—it just has to be well-considered. Consider what job-seeking platform your company has the highest success rate of recruitment and select the applicant tracking system that supports that platform and more to enhance your recruitment prowess. 

Hiring the best possible candidates for your team should be as seamless as possible and choosing the right ATS system shouldn’t be a daunting task. Whether or not you opt for open-source, use our guide for the best applicant tracking systems to make the decision even simpler.

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