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What is MyRouteOnline?

MyRouteOnline is a web-based route planning software solution that delivers just what it says in its name. It is designed to set up the most cost efficient, time-saving route for any number of jobs. No bells and whistles, nothing to distract you or your drivers from the job at hand. 

Because of MyRouteOnline’s laser-like focus on route planning, it is dramatically more affordable than fleet management services with a wider scope that offer the same level of route planning benefits. MyRouteOnline’s pricing is based on the number of unique addresses required to plot your routes. Unique addresses can be reused with any routing for 30 days with no additional charge, so there's no penalty for return trips or multi-stop jobs.

MyRouteOnline makes it easy to get started planning your routes and saving time and money. Their import wizard lets you import as many as 350 addresses at once, or you can add locations individually.

Routes may be optimized by time, distance, or ease of unloading from the fleet vehicle. You can join routes together and store an unlimited number of addresses if you have a monthly plan.

Once you've optimized your route through the online portal, you can export the route to a GPS device or mobile phone. Navigate with a phone or other GPS navigator, or print out a physical copy of the map with turn by turn directions in any one of several different languages.

Don't blow your budget on a fleet management system with features you don't need and will never use. If what you need is to gain control of your fleet’s route system, then you'd be hard pressed to find a more affordable way to do so than MyRouteOnline.  


MyRouteOnline Pricing

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MyRouteOnline Key Features

Reporting & Analytics
  • Geocoding
  • Data Analytics
  • Dashboard
  • Mileage Tracking
Third-Party Integrations
  • Dropbox
Customizable Items
  • Reporting
  • Address Limit
  • Address Credits
Free Resources/Discounts
  • Free Trial
  • Driver Scheduling
  • Field Service and Maintenance
  • Transportation/Transit
  • Deliveries/Dispatch
  • Real Estate/Property Development
  • Field Service and Maintenance
Integration Options
  • APIs
  • Interactive Maps
  • GPS Tracking
Inventory Management
  • Order/Delivery Management
Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Excel
Route Management
  • Route Planning
Google Workspace
  • Gmail
  • Google Drive
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MyRouteOnline Reviews

Pros & Cons Preview
  • This tool has been a great time saver for us by way of mapping, driving directions at every step, and route planning for our organizational needs.
  • This tool has been used by me many times over the last few years and it has been the most treasured one.
  • Adding required stops according to the map provided by the tool was a breeze and defining the area which would be visited by each group could also be enabled easily.
  • Has a poorly functioning mobile app.

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The Average Usability score for the GPS Fleet Tracking category is 6.8

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