5 Ways That Marketing Automation Directly Helps Sales

5 Ways That Marketing Automation Directly Helps Sales

5 Ways That Marketing Automation Directly Helps Sales

Marketing automation is still a relatively untapped resource in the world of CRM solutions. Even as it has become more prolific, many companies still leave the marketing department at the bottom of the list regarding software upgrades. But the days of putting marketing automation behind areas like HR and customer service may soon be a thing of the past, as more and more CEOs realize how software marketing solutions can directly benefit sales.

According to a 2007 report by market-research provider Aberdeen Group Inc., 58 percent of best-in-class companies now use software marketing, and 32 percent of those businesses have used it for three or more years. The report indicated that companies using marketing software are seven times more likely to see a greater than 100 percent return on their marketing campaigns. 

When the report was released, Ian Michiels, an Aberdeen Group senior research analyst, observed that companies that were early arrivals on the marketing-automation scene "demonstrate the value of automating standardized, day-to-day marketing activities," while companies who are late to the table "spend unnecessary time on manual processes and administrative tasks that can easily be streamlined and automated with marketing-automation technologies."

Another 2007 Aberdeen Group report on marketing automation, co-sponsored by Market2Lead Inc., indicated that companies that invested in marketing software platforms during the previous two years saw a 10 percent increase in lead-to-sales conversion rates. Market2Lead CEO Geoff Rego said at the time that the report "shows that marketing automation plays a significant role in increasing the return on investment that companies receive from their marketing campaigns."

In no particular order, here are five key aspects of marketing automation that can directly benefit your business's sales efforts.

  1. Targeted Sales Leads: One part of sales that has killed many a rep from the start is the dreaded cold call — not necessarily because the rep is afraid of the phone, but because the vast majority of random leads result in time wasted and no sale. Software for marketing directly impacts sales efficiency by generating leads that are best suited for your enterprise's products and are therefore most likely to result in success.
  2. Improved Campaign Management: Rather than have your sales and marketing staffers struggling to control list generation, campaign costs, distribution of promotional materials, and response tracking; marketing automation gives them the sales and marketing tools to manage campaigns quickly and more effectively.
  3. Increased Integration Between Marketing and Sales: Did you ever feel that your marketing staff and salespeople aren't always on the same page? Marketing-automation solutions can help eliminate that problem, especially if your business has branch offices or sales teams in satellite locations. The software for marketing materials allows for joint execution and real-time tracking of marketing projects to get the most out of your creative efforts to sell your company's products and services.
  4. Easier Bulk Email Campaigns: Sure, everyone is worried about spam and cluttering inboxes. However, the reality is that targeted email blasts to the right individuals and businesses put valuable information about your company's latest offerings in the right hands. Marketing-automation solutions make it easier to generate a list, blast out the email and track its response.
  5. Better Branding: As has been established, marketing staffers and sales representatives are sometimes literally off doing their own things. Somewhere, the company message and vision get lost while everyone is out fending for themselves rather than working together cooperatively. With better control over planning and assigning tasks, the message your marketing team and sales staff deliver will be consistent and hammer home an unmistakable brand identity.

But as with all other software solutions, buying the software is merely the first step. Michiels added one key point when his report was released. He said that the best-in-class companies "do more than adopt technology; they establish organizational practices around measurement and accountability for marketing initiatives."

Benefits of using online marketing systems

Marketing platform software has dominated conventional sales systems in multiple B2B companies. Inbound marketing software was initially designed to streamline sales activities in a business and assist speed up the conversion of leads. 

The integrated sales system in software can help businesses sell faster, smarter, and more efficiently while promoting the sales team's productivity. When managing a company, a robust software application for marketing is essential for automating various operational processes to make them more accurate and efficient. 

For B2B companies, sales top marketing software have been launched by the vendors, and the marketing software reviews help you decide which one is the best match for your company. 

  • Organized database

Marketing software offers a comprehensive view of all the customers. It offers marketing, accurate sales, and customer service information to your business so that the whole department stays organized and synchronized. With in-depth information on customer preferences and characteristics, the best software for marketing enables you to make the maximum interaction and make data-driven decisions on up-to-date and real-time information.

  • Precise sales forecast

Faulty data leads to poor sales forecasts. Organized sales management software records data competently and provides crucial information that makes it easy for the sales persons to make precise forecasts. Software for marketing can easily manage data. As a consequence, this simple process can be a great benefit for sales managers. Furthermore, this software can also reduce errors in making sales predictions because the system stores data precisely.

  • Efficient sales team performance

Marketing software permits your team to focus on sales instead of worrying about mundane yet essential tasks such as scheduling meetings, updating data, or scheduling follow-up reminders. Especially, it has the features to set up follow-up reminders automatically; task scheduling is a must for the sales process and assigning tasks to relevant team members. 

Why should you choose inbound marketing software?

In this digital era, relying on conventional sales efforts is not sufficient. Deficiency of real-time data, delay in actions, and inappropriate decision-making can lead your B2B company to lose several good opportunities. The correct sales management software enables you to monitor and optimize all interactions. Furthermore, marketing software solutions also help automate repetitive tasks so that productivity and efficiency can be improved.