Employee Engagement and Motivation

Gamification is a great way to foster employee engagement and motivation. Your employees have the opportunity to interact with information and people on a deeper level when they perceive learning, training, or improving as a game or a competition.

Employees learn more quickly and enjoy the process more thoroughly when they feel motivated and engaged, so gamification is a great way to enhance workplace knowledge and build engagement, fun, and community in the office.

Training or Modifying Behaviors

Gamification tools are immensely helpful and impactful when training new employees. Gamified training can help new employees overcome learning curves more quickly as they learn the information they need to perform their jobs well (and help them retain more of what they learn so they can be more effective in the workplace).

Learning games can also be helpful in supporting your teams with ongoing coaching. Modifying behaviors when issues arise can be challenging, but gamification can help employees build new skills and change limiting behaviors with more ease and precision that other types of training or correctives.

Gamification is growing quickly in learning and training capacities, and this growth trend is only expected to rise.

Build Problem Solving Skills

Gamification can also help your employees improve their problem-solving skills by giving them valuable practice through a game or simulated environment.

Problem-solving is a skill that can be improved through practice. By simulating scenarios where employees must solve issues or react to particular situations, you can help expose them to high tension situations they may face, and give them the tools to succeed through practice and growing problem-solving abilities.

Boost Productivity

Games are associated with fun and entertainment, but they are also a great way to improve memory and focus, and boost productivity. Many people experience moments of clarity or suddenly think of great ideas when they simply shift their focus into an engaging, fun activity. The act of playing releases tension and allows you to think through things more strategically with less effort and stress.

Drive Employee Satisfaction

Gamification adds fun and friendly competition to learning new things or improving skills. Employees who enjoy their work and are having fun improving their knowledge and skills will feel happier and more fulfilled. Happy employees always tend to work harder and feel more connected to their work and success.

Dynamic Team Building

Gamification encourages a fun team building environment through learning, playing, and competing. Your employees will build stronger connections with one another through playing games together and will feel much more connected as a team in their goals and achievements as a result.

Improve How Employees Adapt and Handle Change

According to Gartner, 70 percent of business transformations fail due to lack of engagement. This failure is also closely linked to struggles with change or adapting and adopting new ideas or initiatives.

Gamification in business helps employees build skills they need to adapt by creating situations where they have to find solutions or search out answers in unfamiliar situations. Practicing making decisions within a game environment helps remove fear and pressure, while also helping employees build confidence and skills that will help them better react to change.

Gamification has been gaining more attention in business settings in the past few years, and many companies are implementing Learning Management software that has gamified processes for enhancing workplace learning and enjoy an abundance of other great business benefits as a result.

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