How Learning Systems Can Help Educate Your Workforce

How Learning Systems Can Help Educate Your Workforce

Our overall approach to learning has shifted substantially in the past few years, and both students and corporate employees alike are now doing classes, training courses, and certifications primarily in online settings.

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are crucial to this trend, as they facilitate organized, trackable online learning and also provide customizable tools necessary to create an interactive learning environment online, whether it's a classroom, performance management, customer coaching, employee training, or industry-level certifications for advancement or compliance.

Why is Learning Online Better?

Virtual learning systems are a much more effective way to learn and upskill busy adults. Not only that, but the social distancing regulations during the recent pandemic period also made it clear that alternatives to physical learning are necessary. With learning systems already in place and ready to be reconfigured and deployed for school-age children, its popularity grew exponentially in recent years. 

What the pandemic did was raise awareness of another realm of learning in terms of online learning systems. People realized that they could learn new things at a much more comfortable pace for them when using online learning systems. 

Comparing learning systems is important to choose the best one for your unique needs. Looking at options side-by-side such as Google Classroom vs. Canvas or comparing Schoology vs. Google Classroom can be especially useful to identify which system has the features, tools, and pricing that you need most.

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What are the Two Types of Learning Systems?

Hosted Learning Systems

his is where learning systems are installed on computers. This type of learning system comes with high setup fees and will require a significant IT infrastructure investment to maintain the learning system in-house. You may also have to have in-house IT staff to maintain this type of learning system. 

SaaS Learning Systems

Web-based learning systems have become a game-changer in the current landscape of online learning. It has greatly reduced the barrier to entry for organizations due to the start-up investment being waived. Also, with a web browser being the only requirement for online learning systems, accessibility has increased since more devices can be compatible with online learning systems. Learning system vendors ensure that their software programs are always up-to-date and secure. 

Learning Management Systems (LMS) Infographic: Education Vs. Business

Our infographic series below outlines the key distinctions of LMS use cases in education and business and showcases the growing adoption of LMS for business. 


What are the Benefits of Online Learning Systems?

Reduced Costs

Online learning systems are much more affordable compared to traditional physical education modes. Since there are no additional expenses like uniforms, or travel expenses and fewer barriers to entry, a wide array of people can apply and use online learning systems. 


With no commute time, the amount of time you need to allocate to online learning systems is a much lower commitment than going for in-person classes. 

Ability to Learn New Skills

Given the rapid rate of change in the world and technology, it is important to learn new skills and keep up with new developments in your fields to keep yourself sharper. Online learning systems provide you the opportunity to learn new skills without having to commit too much of your time or resources. 

Take Classes From Anywhere

With online learning systems, you can take online classes from anywhere. Certain demographics respond very well to online learning systems because they are able to educate themselves from the comfort of their homes which makes for a better learning system experience for them. 

Self-Paced Learning Systems

Online learning systems allow learners to study and learn the material at their own pace. Although there might be quizzes and tests to measure your comprehension, you are able to follow course material at your own pace with online learning systems. 

Progress Tracking

With an online learning system, you are able to track your own progress and instructors also have access to real-time data on their students. This helps teachers to provide help to the students that need it as needed instead of boring the whole class. 

LMS in Business: Infographic

 LMS for Business 

Is Online Learning the Future of Education?

Learning systems are being quickly adopted in many different environments due to all of the above advantages. And people looking to improve their skills are finding this to be an effective solution that works with their current lifestyles. 

While learning systems for schools were being adopted en masse, traditional forms of education resumed as students returned back to school. However, learning systems in business environments seem to be here to stay. LMS solutions have made it possible for people to learn new skills and improve in their careers given the flexibility to take courses at their own pace. 

Learning system solutions are available for educational institutions and businesses, and choosing the right LMS comes down to knowing which tools you need and how your students or employees will use the system to further their online learning or training.  Some learning system vendors offer systems that tailor their learning tools to either education or business, others offer different solutions for both academics and corporate training. 

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