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MAXcallcommand Overview

What is MAXcallcommand?

Vantage specializes in opening companies up to better and greater results with their multi-tiered, dynamic layers of contact center solutions applicable to any form of business. From the smallest start-up to the leading global operation, vantage is prepared to engineer your staff for success with robust service packages that include solutions for traditional call centers and cloud-bound networks. Their unique MAXvoice software will take the guesswork and mundanity out of call routing, customer outreach, and follow-up calls while integrating naturally with existing CRM and call center applications. Best of all, the technology is designed to grow up with your business.

Take Off With MAXvoice Phone Service

As Vantage’s premier service for dedicated landline-based call centers, MAXvoice is designed from the ground up to give your agents the best and most modern tools they need to deliver stunning business results. Their unified messaging system allows users to access all communications over multiple device types in a single location, accelerating productivity and freeing agents from one dedicated piece of technology. Unlimited calling services cover all 50 states, with international calls possible a low, competitive rate per minute. Multiple system redundancies ensure reliable service in the case of power loss or other complications. Vantage also puts even more value into their platform by making upgrades and maintenance free for the duration of all service agreements.

Explore the Cloud

MAXvirtualcallcenter offers countless feature designed to streamline and incentivize your cloud-based work force to reach greater heights. Utilize your mobile workers effectively by assigning them to any branch or headquarters location, optimizing your staffing levels on a by-need basis and giving you the flexibility to respond rapidly to consumer demands. Employ real-time and historical reporting to build comprehensive profiles of agent performance so that you can isolate and maximize training scenarios, professional development, and growth.

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MAXcallcommand Pricing

MAXcallcommand Hosted Call Center Service
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MAXcallcommand Key Features

Call Management & Administration

  • Call Queue
  • Call Barge
  • Call Whisper

Call Routing Types

  • Queue-Based Routing
  • Voicemail Routing

Reporting & Analytics

  • Call Log Reports
  • Dashboard
  • Call Analytics
  • Quality Monitoring
  • Agent Analytics
  • Supervisor Reports
  • Call Monitoring
MAXcallcommand Features Details
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