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Vantage CX Reviews & Overview

What is Vantage CX?

Offering an all-round view of your customer, Vantage CX delivers actionable insights with a variety of analytics tools – ranging from instant updates to predictive modeling. Understand what makes your customers tick by mapping every step of their journey, by monitoring different behaviors as well as elements such as text.

Analyzing your target audiences then pave the way towards personalized campaign creation, as well as workflow automation. Business users also have the opportunity to add and access data sets in a secure virtual environment, for customer profiling and further personalization. 


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Vantage CX - Marketing Automation
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Vantage CX Key Features

Email Marketing
  • Multilingual Emails
Content Marketing
  • Web Behavior Tracking
  • Anonymous Website Personalization
  • Website Integration
  • Advanced List Segmentation
Supported Channels
  • Targeted Ads
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