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What is McKesson?

McKesson Practice Management is built to make medical practices efficient and more effective by ensuring that their operations deliver great financial results and high levels of patient satisfaction. The company offers a range of practice management solutions that are tailored to medical practices of different sizes. Since there are several solutions, the company even offers a tool to help administrators select the right one for them. The solutions are all server based, implying that users may be required to procure new servers if their existing hardware does not have the residual capacity to run the solution.


The McKesson Practice Management solution comes in several different customizations and formats:

  • Small practices – with nine or fewer practitioners – two solutions are offered – Medisoft and Lytec.  Both solutions offer billing and revenue management besides the standard practice management features. Medisoft also comes with applications for mobile phones. Lytec does have some support for mobile phones, but the features appear to be restricted. Both solutions have done a good job in managing patient appointments and scheduling.  Reporting and analytics do not appear to be available with either solution.
  • Medium practices – from 10 to 25 practitioners – for users of this class, McKesson Practice Management offers McKesson Practice Partner besides the options of Medisoft and Lytec (those are available for small practices as well). Practice Partner is a full-featured practice management suite that has EMR software embedded with the solution; it also has detailed reporting features that are not available with Medisoft and Lytec.
  • Large practices – those with more than 25 practitioners – McKesson offers McKesson Practice Partner and McKesson Practice Plus. While McKesson Practice Partner is the same as that offered for medium practices, Practice Plus makes it possible to coordinate multi-site operations and multi-site billing. The reporting tools are also more elaborate.

We do need to point out that all solutions offered under the McKesson Practice Management umbrella are server based. This implies that there could be a requirement to procure additional hardware and some IT-qualified staff would be required to run it. Upgrades and customization could prove tricky as well – especially for smaller practices. 

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McKesson Key Features

Medical Practice Management Features
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Patient Management
  • Treatment Planning
  • Patient Referral Management
  • Refills Processing
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