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HostedTel Overview

What is HostedTel?

HostedTel’s predictive dialer transforms leads into customers by allowing sales agents to spend less time prospecting and more time selling. Automated messaging means that a representative need only record a callback message once and the predictive dialer will automatically play it for any answering machine or voicemail response. No knowledge of complicated algorithms or labyrinthine user configurations is required to take advantage of the dialer–it works right out of the box! With saved data and a plethora of reporting tools that allow active analysis and sorting of lead profiles, call windows, and preferences, HostedTel makes growth count first.

Quick Setup, Easy Maintenance

HostedTel’s dialer requires no additional fees or commitments to install or get started, allowing business to get a leg up on the competition without worrying about affordability or deployment costs. The same-day installation can be done online or over the phone and without the need for additional hardware, empowering agents to get in the field and go to work immediately.

Revolutionize Productivity

Not only does the predictive dialer remove the need for manual dialing with its automation processes, it allows agents to call up to 5 numbers simultaneously. This optimized productivity equates to more than triple the amount of talk time per hour compared to traditional manual dialing. The predictive mode of the dialer becomes a more powerful tool as it learns more about agents and leads, using HostedTel’s custom algorithm to minimize time spent waiting for calls and answers on both ends, all without any input needed from the user.

Multiple Pricing Plans

Every business has different needs and specialties with multiple cost structures. HostedTel therefore offers a variety of structured pricing plans to best service all forms of business, with a wealth of cost solutions for small to large business models and specialized enterprise operations.

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HostedTel Pricing

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HostedTel Key Features

Phone System Features

  • Inbound Calling
  • International Calling

Call Management & Administration

  • Caller ID
  • Call Queue
  • Call Barge
  • Call Whisper
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • IVR
  • Call Scripting

Supported Channels

  • Voice
  • Email
HostedTel Features Details

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