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Greenhouse Reviews & Overview

What is Greenhouse?

Greenhouse is an applicant tracking system (ATS) designed to help companies streamline their recruitment process. It is a cloud-based software that provides a central location for storing resumes, tracking applicants, and scheduling interviews.

What is Greenhouse Used For?

Greenhouse is used by companies of all sizes to manage their recruitment process from start to finish. It allows users to easily post job openings to multiple job boards, review resumes, and schedule interviews. The software also includes an applicant tracking system that allows users to track the progress of each candidate, from initial application to final decision.

What are the Most Important Greenhouse Features?

Some of the most important features of Greenhouse include:

Customizable Job Boards

Greenhouse allows users to create custom job boards that match their company's branding and style.

Resume Parsing

Greenhouse automatically extracts important information from resumes, making it easy for users to review and compare candidates.

Communication and Collaboration

The software allows users to communicate with candidates and other team members, as well as schedule interviews and share feedback.

Reporting and Analytics

Greenhouse provides detailed reporting and analytics to help users track the performance of their recruitment process.

What are the Top Greenhouse Benefits?

The top Greenhouse benefits include the following:

Streamlines Recruitment Process

Greenhouse helps companies streamline their recruitment process by automating many of the tedious and time-consuming tasks, such as resume screening and scheduling interviews.

Improves Communication and Collaboration

Greenhouse allows users to communicate and collaborate with candidates and other team members throughout the recruitment process.

Increases Efficiency

The software's tracking and reporting features help users to identify areas where the recruitment process can be improved, which leads to more efficient hiring.

Enhances the Candidate Experience

Greenhouse provides a smooth and organized experience for the candidates, leaving a good impression of the company.

What are the Main Greenhouse Competitive Differentiators?

Greenhouse allows companies to create custom job boards that match their branding and style, which sets it apart from other ATSs that may have more generic-looking job boards. Greenhouse provides detailed reporting and analytics to help users track the performance of their recruitment process, which is more advanced than other ATSs. The mobile-friendly software allows users to access the platform on the go, and Greenhouse integrates with other software such as LinkedIn, GSuite, Slack etc.

Overall, Greenhouse is a comprehensive and user-friendly ATS that helps companies streamline their recruitment process and improve their overall hiring efficiency. Its customizable job boards, resume parsing, communication and collaboration, reporting and analytics, mobile-friendly and integration capabilities set it apart from other applicant tracking systems in the market.


Greenhouse Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 19 April 2023

Best for recruitment

Since implementing Greenhouse, we have been able to significantly streamline our recruitment process, resulting in improved communication and collaboration within the process.

  • Greenhouse streamlines the recruitment process by providing easy tracking of job requisitions, facilitating candidate progress, and enabling communication and collaboration with internal colleagues throughout the hiring process.
  • It would be helpful if Greenhouse offered more integration with LinkedIn and allowed for increased automation between the two platforms.

Reviewed on 19 April 2023

Good ATS

The product provides good data privacy and user rights.

  • Reporting capabilities are better than most other ATS systems.
  • Integrating career pages can be complex and there isn't much direct support from Greenhouse.

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