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Fleet Maintenance Pro Reviews & Overview

What is Fleet Maintenance Pro?

Fleet Maintenance Pro from IMS is a tracking software designed to help record, plan, and schedule maintenance on vehicles and equipment such as forklifts, backhoes, air compressors, and utility carts. The software allows you to track an unlimited number of assets and records the key data you need to make managerial and maintenance decisions. Fleet Maintenance Pro comes with a preset number of tasks, and you can add your own as needed. Track these tasks by date, mileage, or hours. When maintenance is due a reminder will be sent by email and a pop-up message.

The software does more than simply track usage and maintenance. Fleet Maintenance Pro lets you record your vehicles’ fuel consumption so that you can monitor expenses and to be alerted to any possible abuse. (An optional add-on module offers integration with your existing fuel card system.)

Parts inventory is a key metric for any fleet manager, and even more so if any in-house maintenance is performed. Fleet Maintenance Pro also offers a Shop Edition, which includes a fully featured inventory management process that allows for stock tracking, reorder notifications, and purchase order generation. The Shop Edition also allows for customer and invoice tracking, multiple locations, and bar coding for the ultimate in inventory management.

Even with the Standard Edition, Fleet Maintenance Pro offers a robust selection of features. Whether you want to track employee expirations, create and maintain a vendor or and supplier database, export your data, or simply rest assured that a built-in backup is keeping your data safe, Fleet Maintenance Pro has you covered.

Company:Innovative Maintenance Systems

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